Launched Cryptocurrency Exchange/Trading Wallet Demo

CryptoSoftwares is proud to announce the launch of a cryptocurrency exchange/ trading wallet demo after the successful launch of the web wallet and block explorer demo.

Cryptosoftwares is one of the best blockchain application development service providers powered by Infinite Open source Solutions (IOSS) LLP. It provides complete solutions for crypto and blockchain application development.

Here in this article, you will be able to understand the working procedure of the cryptocurrency exchange/trading wallet and also the advantages, features of exchange platform.

How does cryptocurrency exchange wallet demo work?

CryptoSoftwares are providing the demo link for the cryptocurrency exchange wallet to know the real-time experience of cryptocurrency exchange wallet.

To understand the working procedure of our cryptocurrency exchange wallet demo, follow the below steps.


Click on the demo link available for the cryptocurrency exchange wallet demo. Enter the username and password provided for the demo link to login to the cryptocurrency exchange/trading platform and wallet.


After the successful login, you will be able to view the dashboard of the trading platform. The following will be visible in the dashboard of the cryptocurrency exchange/trading platform.

Trading Market

Here in this section, you will be able to view the different trading markets between two different cryptocurrencies for exchange. It also shows the varying price of the exchange. For example, the trading market between two different cryptocurrencies like ETH/BTC, BCH/BTC, LTC/BTC, etc is displayed.


Click on the trading market to create the buy or sell order or exchange between the two cryptocurrencies.

Limit Order/Market Order

There are two different types of orders to sell and buy a cryptocurrency. In the limit order, you can change the price of the cryptocurrency to be sold or bought or exchanged. In Market order, it will automatically take the current market value for the price of the cryptocurrency and it cannot be changed manually.


Create A Buy/Sell Order

To create a buy/sell order, enter the price of one cryptocurrency to be bought or sold and enter the number of cryptocurrencies required. It calculates the total amount to be paid or received or to be deducted in case of an exchange with another cryptocurrency.

Open Order

Open orders are the orders created by the single user of the account. It consists of the buy /sell order created at different times and it also shows the details of the order created.


Order Book

The order book displays two different columns of the sell and buy orders. All the sell and buy orders created by all the users over the trading platform are added to these two categories.


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Trade History

When the buy order matches with the sell order or vice versa, the trading happens successfully between the two parties and It is displayed under the trading history. The trading history is the list of successful trading that happened over the trading platform.


Graphical Representation Of Timely Price Variations Of The Selected Trading Market

Here the graph shows the timely price fluctuations of the selected trading market. Say, for example, If the trading market ETH/BTC is selected, the price variations of ETH with respect to BTC is displayed for the selected time interval ( per minute or 15 minutes). The graph also shows the open value of ETH when the trading is started and the close value of ETH when the trading is closed. It also shows the highest value, lowest value of ETH during the trading.


My Wallet

By clicking on “My Wallet” you will be able to view your multi-currency wallet.


You will be able to deposit or withdraw from the selected cryptocurrency wallet.



To deposit cryptocurrency you need to copy the wallet address of your wallet and use the wallet address to send the cryptocurrency from any external wallet to your wallet.



Here it shows the total amount of crypto in the wallet. To withdraw cryptocurrency from your wallet, enter the external wallet address and the amount to be sent.


Wallet History

Here you will be able to view the deposit, withdrawal, transaction history of your wallet.


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Advantages Of The Cryptocurrency Exchange Wallet Of Cryptosoftwares

Highly Secured And Privacy Protection

It is a highly secured platform for the wallet to wallet transactions without any centralized authority and it involves no intermediaries between the two parties and provides privacy protection.

Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA

The two-step verification process for login is equipped with the Cryptosoftwares exchange trading platform.

Price Optimization

The negotiation is restricted as it is not involving any third party negotiation and the price is optimized between the two parties in the trading platform.

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Features of cryptocurrency exchange platform

Leverage Trading

The trading platform maximizes the trading volume by displaying timely price fluctuations.

Matching Engine

The matching of buy orders with sell orders or vice-versa is analyzed by the matching engine for the successful trading.

Order Sharing

The created buy and sell orders are shared in the order book and it enhances the liquidity.

Multicurrency Wallet

Cryptosoftwares exchange trading platform is equipped with a multi-currency wallet to deposit, withdraw the multiple cryptocurrencies.

Admin Backend Support

Full-fledged admin backend support is provided to the trading platform for resolving various concerns of the users.


Hope this article will help you to understand the working procedure of the cryptocurrency exchange/trading platform and the wallet. It also provides the features and benefits of the cryptocurrency exchange platform and the wallet.

Try our demo to understand and realize the real-time experience of the cryptocurrency exchange/trading platform and the wallet.

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