Crypto Trading (Investing) Strategies - Cryptocurrency Tips You Must Know

Crypto Trading (Investing) Strategies – Cryptocurrency Tips You Must Know

Crypto Trading Strategies and Crypto Margin Trading- A Trading Method to Use These Strategies Cryptocurrency is one of the hottest investments today. You need a strategy in order to make money in the cryptocurrency market. Having a strategy allows you to keep your focus amidst the constant flow of news, economic data, and market events that can interfere with your analysis. So in this blog, we are going to discuss the strategies for crypto trading.

Also giving a detailed description of crypto margin trading where you can use the strategies efficiently.

Why Do You Need a Crypto Trading Strategy?

We have all heard stories of traders who become billionaires just by investing in pocket change in the early days of Bitcoin. The inherent volatility of cryptocurrencies provides immense opportunities to make big profits and losses. All of this has fuelled the hype surrounding cryptocurrency trading to an all-time high. New traders are entering the market every day hoping to make huge profits. But making money through cryptocurrency trading is not as easy as it looks. One mistake and you could end up losing all your money in just a matter of hours.

Expert traders rely on well-thought-out methods for their success. A strategic approach to trading is required to make sure that you don’t end up making costly mistakes. Let’s have a look at some of the top cryptocurrency tips worth exploring.

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Crypto Trading Strategies


Scalping is a popular trading strategy 犀利士 used in the cryptocurrency market. This strategy allows traders to profit from low price movement at regular intervals. This aims to add small profits each day to generate a substantial amount over time. Scalpers use leverage to open more trades and tight stop losses to manage risk. They trade using time frames like one-minute, 15-minute, and 30-minute. Their trades last for a couple of seconds or minutes but less than one hour.

Day Trading

Day trading means entering and exiting positions on the same day. Day traders aim to capitalize on intraday price movements, i.e., price moves that happen within a trading day. Day traders trade on timeframes higher than that of scalpers but still close their positions within a day. It is a time-consuming strategy more suitable for advanced traders.

Swing Trading

Trades using this strategy usually span more than a day, but not longer than a few weeks or months. As a result, some people refer to this strategy as a medium-term trading strategy because it sits between day trading and position trading strategies, giving traders more time to consider their decisions. This trading style is recommended for beginner traders.

Buy and Hold (Position Trading)

Position trading allows traders to hold trading positions for a longer time. It could be months or even years. Traders using this strategy focus more on long-term trends. They usually focus on the daily, weekly, and monthly timeframes. Position traders also use fundamental analysis to evaluate potential market price trends and consider other factors such as market trends and historical patterns.

Arbitrage Trading

Arbitrage trading is known as buying cryptocurrencies from one market and selling them in another to make a profit from price differences. Traders make money by taking advantage of the low price correlation among crypto assets offered on two or more exchanges. Cryptocurrency arbitrage opportunities are limitless because there are hundreds of spot market exchanges. These are the top 5 strategies to use in trading cryptocurrency. Now let us look into a trading method where we can use these strategies to acquire better results.

What is Crypto Margin Trading?

The basics of margin trading in cryptocurrency are similar to those in traditional finance. Like most investments, the profit made from crypto trading depends on the amount invested in it. And many people can’t afford to invest a significant amount of money in cryptocurrencies. This is where margin trading is used. A margin trader borrows capital to boost his purchasing capacity in the crypto market. Capital can be borrowed from brokers or margin lenders. To borrow capital from brokers or margin lenders, you have to commit an initial deposit and open a position in crypto. You are also required to maintain a specified amount in your account to keep your position. While trading on a lending platform, your initial deposit will be retained as collateral. The amount you receive for margin trading will be dependent on the lending platform and the initial deposit.

In crypto margin trading, you’ll usually be presented with two options: going short or going long. By going long, the trader expects the price of a crypto asset to increase soon. Going short is the contrary. When the trader is going short, they are betting that the price of that crypto asset is going to fall. Traders going short are usually trying to salvage profit from failing crypto assets.

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When you borrow money for margin trading from a broker or lending platform to trade in crypto assets, they take measures to minimise their risk of losses. So when the market goes against the position taken by you, the lending platform could ask you to raise your collateral so that their status is safe. This is known as a margin call. It is implemented by lending platforms when the value of the cryptocurrency falls below a certain amount.

But if the level of margin falls beneath a specific amount, the platform could close your position and relinquish the initial deposit. This is called liquidation of the trade. A broker or lending platform will liquidate a trade to guarantee that any more money is not lost beyond the initial margin.

Pros and Cons of Crypto Margin Trading

Crypto Margin Trading could yield ample profits, broaden your positions, leverage higher funds, and enable you to master more trading tactics. The profits could be immense because of the higher capital invested. Margin trading is good for diversifying your portfolio. Traders can divide their investments into various assets with small investments in each.

But crypto margin also involves challenging elements such as higher risks, the potential of significant losses, and the extreme volatility of crypto prices. Unlike conventional trading, margin trading could result in more loss than the initial investment. Even a slight fall in prices may cause significant losses.

Crypto Margin Trading Tips

Margin trading is regarded as a high-risk strategy and not to be tried by inexperienced traders. But crypto margin trading can also make you enormous profits. When done skillfully, you can gain 100x more profit than regular financial trading. Profits can even be made when the price of cryptocurrency dips by going short on it.

So here are some tips to keep in mind while margin trading crypto
Start small and increase gradually

This is the best strategy if you are inexperienced in margin trading. It’s always advised to start with a modest position and smaller collateral.

Set your goals

It’s necessary to have a clear plan to profit, an exit strategy, and most importantly, follow the plan. Have an exit plan and set proper stop-loss levels. Stop-loss levels can be set to automatically sell off or buy assets if the price reaches a certain level.

Check the fees and interest

Lending platforms or brokers that facilitate margin trading do not do it for free. There will be an interest imposed on the funds you borrow as well as other fees.

Don’t overlook external factors

There could be administrative changes, significant crypto wallet movements, or even crypto exchange hacks, that could potentially cause unforeseen price variations.

Always monitor your positions

Never handle crypto margin trading like a passive investment. You should constantly monitor your positions because unforeseen circumstances can arise at any time which may cause you significant losses. You should always be ready to respond if the trade does not go according to plan.


We have discussed the strategies and also a trading method to use these strategies. Here we have taken a look at the basics of crypto margin trading, the pros and cons of crypto margin trading, and some tips to keep in mind while margin trading crypto assets. Now all you have to do is keep in mind these things and use a suitable strategy in your cryptocurrency trading.

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Thanks for mentioning that scalping is a popular strategy used in cryptocurrency. I’m hoping that I can learn more about crypto this month since I have several friends that are really into it. It would be nice to learn from them to see how they got started.


Crypto day trading strategy involves technical analysis and price action. Technical analysis helps you understand the market movements, while price action gives you an idea about where you should place buy and sell orders so as to maximize profits at any given point in time.