How To Hire a Blockchain Developer

How To Hire A Blockchain Developer For Your Company

The latest blockchain technology made a revolutionary and the outbreak of this technology created a great demand for the blockchain developers. The expectations from the blockchain developers were high to cope up with the challenging tasks of the established as well as start-up organizations. The process on how to hire a blockchain developer for the company was not an easy task and it includes several responsibilities.

If the blockchain application development companies or organizations needs to be outstanding in their deliverables, they need to look out for the skilled blockchain developers for the company.

In this article, you will be able to find out how to hire a blockchain developer for your company.

Tips on How to Hire a Blockchain Developer

1. Blockchain developers should have a good knowledge of basic programming skills.

The blockchain developers should have basic programming knowledge like C, C++, Javascript, Python, Solidity, Go, Node JS, and Java.

The experienced and more talented blockchain developers should also be an expert in the following programming concepts:

  • Syntax of the programming language
  • For any computer programming language, the syntax is essential to run the programming successfully. Syntax refers to the set of rules with specific symbols to develop the structured program and which can be used for any functionality of the computer software.

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    The blockchain developers must know the proper syntax for all the required programming languages. For example, the syntax of for loops, while loops, logical operators, arithmetic operators, switch statements, and many more, should be known to the blockchain developers.

  • OOPS Concept
  • OOPS refers to an object-oriented programming structure, Here the concept is based on the objects and organized accordingly. The objects are categorized into classes which allow each object to be grouped.

    With the help of the OOPS concept, the blockchain developers can update any object without altering any other object. So the knowledge of the OOPS concept is required for the blockchain developers.

  • Multi-Threading Concept
  • Multi-Threading is the concept of concurrently running threads or pieces of the program to utilize the CPU. The blockchain developers need to have strong knowledge to implement multi-threading concept in blockchain software development.

  • Socket programming skills
  • Socket programming is used to have a connection between the two nodes in the network. It helps to communicate with each other. A socket object is created to connect the client with the server. When it gets connected, the server also creates the socket program from the other end to get connected with the client.

    The blockchain developer skills should include good knowledge on socket programming.

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    2. The developers should have a strong knowledge of encryption/decryption and security concepts

    The blockchain is based on encryption and decryption techniques to transfer the data over the network securely. So before you choose to hire blockchain programmer you need to confirm whether they have complete knowledge about the encryption/decryption and security concepts.

    Blockchain developers should know the following concepts:

  • SHA-Secure Hashing Algorithm
  • It is an algorithm to maintain the data in a secure place. It is used for cybersecurity issues.

  • Encryption and Decryption
  • Both are the cryptography techniques used to encrypt and decrypt the data while transferring over the network

    Encryption:- Converting the plain text to cipher text or unreadable text
    Decryption:- Converting the ciphertext back to plain text at the receiver end

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  • Public and Private keys
  • These are keys used for encryption and decryption methods. Public keys are the key that can be accessed by everyone but the private key is accessible to the respective receiver or the owner. The encrypted data with a public key can be decrypted only with the respective private key.

    3. Blockchain developers should understand data structures

    The blockchain developers must understand data structure concept. It is the main key to software development. Below are some of the important data structure concepts which are a must for the blockchain developers.

  • Linked List:
  • A type of array in the data structure concept where the data are connected to each other via pointers

  • Hash Table:
  • The data is stored as an array in the hashtable with the index value. Here the data can be accessed easily with the index value.

  • Acyclic graph
  • A graph without cycles is known as the Acyclic graph.

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    4. Ensure that the Developer is well versed with the basic terms and concepts of blockchain

    The blockchain developers must know the basic terms and concepts of blockchain.

    Below are some of the important concepts/terms of blockchain that are must in blockchain developer skills

  • Crypto tokens:
  • The digital assets over the blockchain network are called crypto tokens. These tokens can be traded or exchanged over the crypto platform. The blockchain developer should know how to develop the tokens.

  • DLT- Distributed Ledger Technology
  • The data shared over the network than maintaining at a single location. This is called DLT. The blockchain developers should have an idea of how the DLT works and should also know about its implementation.

  • Immutability
  • Immutability is a blockchain term, which means the data recorded on the blockchain can never be altered or changed. To update the data, new event needs to be added to the blockchain.

  • Consensus
  • It is a decentralized network, so the decision making lies on the consensus mechanism. It is a type of agreement where all the members need to have the mutual decision to add any block to the network.

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  • Smart Contract
  • A digital contract between the two parties without any third party to share the money, property, or exchange anything based on the agreement on the blockchain. The solidity programming language is used to develop smart contracts on platforms like Ethereum platform

  • DApps
  • DApps refers to Decentralized applications which use P2P network

  • Permissioned Blockchain
  • Only the permissioned members can verify or mine the transactions and all members can read the data on the records.

  • Public blockchain
  • All members have access to read and write the data on the records.

    5. The blockchain developers should have strong tool knowledge to build the blockchain applications

    Below are some of the development tools in which the blockchain developers should have hands-on experience.

  • Metamask
  • Composer
  • Explorer
  • Etherscan
  • Remix
  • Caliper
  • Mist
  • Bitcoin BlockExplorer

    Analyze whether the developers are well versed on the above development tools

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    6. How to find the right blockchain developers

    Once you have identified the skillset for the blockchain developers, you should know where to search for the blockchain developers. Not only in the job portals or Linkedin, but you can also find them in any social media or community.

    Below are some of the important things to be considered while looking for the right team of blockchain developers

  • Analyze the industry experience and the achievements of the company
  • Brands or clients they have supported to build the blockchain applications.
  • Enquire about the team strength, any different domain experience, different time zone supported
  • Review the customer feedback and rating about the blockchain developers
  • Enquire about the software development process they follow and analyze whether it is the latest software development process such as Agile, Scrum, etc
  • Check whether they have in house team or offshore team which helps to identify the quality of their work
  • Check whether they have any portfolio on blockchain and whether worked on permissioned or public blockchain
  • Enquire how do they support from the beginning of the software development process to the end phase or deployment phase of the blockchain application

  • Conclusion

    Finally, you will be able to understand how to hire a blockchain developer for your company. This article will provide you the information on overall qualities that a blockchain developer should possess such as responsibilities, programming skill set, basic knowledge on blockchain concepts/terms, Tool knowledge, data structure concept, etc.

    Based on the above information, always choose the right blockchain developers to build your blockchain application. And if you are a person who is looking for how to become a blockchain developer, check yourself on the above mentioned blockchain developer skills.

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