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Unleashing revolution in healthcare : Blockchain technology fuels a radical change

Blockchain Healthcare information system

The health record of a patient is recorded in a permissioned blockchain network and the patient is the authorising authority for the access. Upon undertaking any medical treatment, the patient provides the access to required medical professionals like doctors, pharmacists and insurance agents.

Cryptosoftwares provides Quality Blockchain Healthcare Information System Development for clients. Health care sector, where situational awareness holds the key to saving people’s lives. With the induction of blockchain technology into healthcare,the sourcing and disbursal of health information is an easy task.

The medical records of the patient would be stored in a distributed ledger using permissioned blockchain technology The key players in the medical arena like doctors, hospital administration, laboratory technicians, pharmacists and health insurers will have to seek permission from the patient and then granted access to the medical records. Then, they can serve their purpose and record the data on the ledger.

Permissioned blockchains can be used to store all the information that is related to a person like contain all the information related to a particular patient like the past and present ailments, treatments, family history of medical problems, etc. This ensures that each and every blockchain health record is permanent and accessible to all.

blockchain health records

How does the setup work?

A mobile application would be in the helm of the blockchain health records. The patient will sign up and gain a unique address and a password for logging into the application. Also, there is another unique address which will be provided to the health insurer, doctors and the government.

The patient can access his medical information at all times. He will give the permission to the doctors, to access the same to the doctors or other medical professional as and when they send a request along.

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