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Blockchain Application Development

1. Why I should incorporate Blockchain into my business?

Blockchain is a booming technology with its rigid block structure to save and accomplish all your secure transactions successfully, which is a major concern of any business sector. It adds credibility, stability, security, and productivity to your overall business and enhances your overall business revenue.

2. Should I have any technical skills to acquire your blockchain development service?

At this point, we hope you understood the basics of blockchain application from our website and you need to understand the basics and no specialized skills are required to acquire the blockchain development service

3. Do you support to implement this blockchain service?

Yes, we do support to implement this blockchain service with our ongoing support for our customers.

4. How much time does it take to develop the blockchain application.?

The time taken to provide any software solution depends upon the requirements, features to scale, and the resources involved to develop the application. The same is applied to blockchain application development. Once we start gathering the requirements, we provide you the developed road map of the product and thus it provides the estimated time to develop the blockchain application.

5. Can we customize the blockchain application to add or delete any features?

Yes, we can customize the blockchain application as the client or user requirements to add or modify the features of the application.

6. Is it public or private blockchain?

It is a private blockchain where you can set the permissions to access the modules of the blockchain application and can customize as per your requirements.

Cryptocurrency Development

1. Why should I get involved in cryptocurrency?

The cryptocurrencies use the decentralized blockchain network for the transactions and it is transferred with strong cryptographic techniques. So overall, it is highly secure when compared to regular payments. The current ecosystem provides the opportunity to mine the coins and it is time to shift yourself to the crypto world.

2. What are the services offered with cryptocurrency development?

Cryptocurrency development services involve Bitcoin Wallet Development, Pre mining. ICO Development, Exchange software development.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

1. Do your cryptocurrency exchange support all crypto coins

Yes, our Cryptocurrency Exchange Software will support cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, and many other cryptocurrencies.

2. Can we integrate the e-commerce platform to the crypto wallet developed for us?

Yes you will be able to make use of the crypto wallet transactions for your e-commerce platform

3. How secure is your cryptocurrency trading platform?

The trading platform is built on the blockchain. Blockchain is highly secure with its rigid blocks connected with cryptography techniques. The data stored in any block is difficult to alter or modify as it involves the verifications of other connected blocks. Hence it drastically reduces the data breach to secure your data

4. How much time it will take to develop the cryptocurrency exchange software or trading platform?

The time taken to develop a cryptocurrency exchange platform will depend upon your customizations, functions to be added to your digital wallet, features to be scaled, and the number of cryptocurrencies to be supported in the trading platform. The time may vary according to the above factors.

5. Is it a white label software

Yes, our cryptocurrency exchange software is a white-label software and it can be customized as per your requirements.

6. Will cryptocurrency exchange platform support to trade in mobile and PC as well?

Yes, our cryptocurrency exchange platform supports different environments like Android, Windows, iOS and so you will be able to trade in PC and mobile as well.

7. Do you provide any admin control over your trading platform?

Yes, we have an admin module in our cryptocurrency exchange platform in order to customize your requirements and configure all permissions for the trading platform from your end.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

1. Will your cryptocurrency wallet support all types of major cryptocurrencies?

Yes, we support all major cryptocurrencies for the wallet to make your business successful with multiple cryptocurrencies so that your customers can make transactions with various cryptocurrencies through the crypto wallet.

2. What type of industries are supported by your cryptocurrency wallet?

We are the ultimate solution for the blockchain development service with crypto wallet solutions. We support a wide spectrum of industries including but limited to Retail, Finance, IT-software, Healthcare, and Transport

3. Is a 2-factor authentication feature available in your cryptocurrency wallet?

2-factor authentication feature is available in your cryptocurrency wallet. However, you have the option to opt-out or accept the feature.

4. Before developing the wallet, will you provide the features of your cryptocurrency wallet to us?

The basic features present in the cryptocurrency wallet will be provided to you. However, the additional features will depend upon the user requirements.

5. What is a public key and will you provide this feature in my wallet?

A public key is the public address of your wallet and it is auto-generated each time for the transactions held and this is made available to your crypto wallet to make it safe and secure from fraudulent activities.

6. Will you be able to provide recurring billing and invoicing features in my cryptocurrency wallet?

Yes, we will be able to provide these features in our cryptocurrency wallet.

ERC20 Token Development

1. Will I be able to use ERC20 Token with your digital wallet?

Yes, you will be able to use ERC20 Token with our digital wallet service that supports multi-cryptocurrency. It also supports your exchange or trading platform.

2. Am a new user in your blockchain, will I be able to use your service?

Yes, you will be able to use our service after ERC20 standard token developed and deployed for you. We provide you full support for Ethereum token development solutions

3. Is ready made script is used to develop ERC20 token or you develop from scratch?

Our developers use the Ethereum platform for blockchain and ERC20 Token development. It is developed from scratch to provide you with all the customizations and unique tokens developed for your business.

ICO Development Service

1. Can I integrate any feature with blockchain to use ICO?

Yes, you can integrate any feature with blockchain to use ICO (Initial Coin Offering). However, it differs from application to application.

2. Any regulation associated with Initial Coin Offering?

Yes, the regulation associated with the Initial Coin Offering depends upon your location. However, the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission ) regulation can be considered for Initial Coin Offering.

3. How much time it will take to develop the ICO project?

Once we gather your requirements, we provide you with the roadmap of the project, this will help you to understand the estimated time taken to develop the ICO project.

4. Do you support all the services required to launch ICO successfully?

Yes, we support all the services related to ICO. ICO is supported by blockchain and for that, you need cryptocurrency development, cryptocurrency exchange software, or trading platform, a smart contract, and crypto wallet. You may also require a website and a white paper to attract your investors and we support you with all the above services.