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What is Smart Contract Development?

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are digital contracts that are self executing in nature. The clauses in the contract are encoded into a block and upon satisfying the clauses, the party is paid the promised money.

CryptoSoftwares is the Leading Blockchain Smart Contract Development Company, provides key to hassle free Smart Contract services. Contracts are the pivot around which businesses around the world run. Blockchain smart contract development is a discovery that has revolutionized the way contracts are being executed today.

A smart Contract is a virtual contract that is encoded in Blockchain. Traditionally, the terms and conditions of a contract between two parties have been written down on paper and a legal system acts as the third party in ensuring that both the parties abide by these terms. A smart contract eliminates the need for such a party by its self-executing nature.

Now, unless you have been living under a rock, you would have heard of BlockChain Technology. A blockchain is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography. It is an open distributed ledger that can record transaction between two parties efficiently in a verifiable and permanent way.

Managed by peer to peer network, they adhere to a protocol for inter-node communication and to validate new blocks.

Though initially blockchains were seen as public distribution ledger for the cryptocurrency, the release of ethereum in 2015 enabled the execution of the very first smart contract.

Smart contracts allow the performances of credible transactions without middlemen.
Now, how do you execute a smart contract?

Parties involved are anonymous in this system and The contract between them is written as code into blockchain. The smart contract keeps track of each and every term of the agreement and enables every step towards its fulfillment. The contact cannot be altered at any cost by either of the parties. Once the terms are fulfilled, then the pre-agreed payment is done as per the contract.

Let us see an illustration of how a smart contract is executed.

X has an apartment to be rented out in London and Y is hunting for a place to live in the city. Conventionally, they would hire a third party, i.e, a real estate agent, to meet their respective needs. The agent would definitely take up responsibility for the compliance of the agreed terms and would even charge a fee for his services. But the catch in here is that he cannot guarantee the fulfillment of the terms.

Now, in the scenario of smart contract, the following events would unfold.

An independent storage would be created by X and Y in the blockchain.

Y would put the rent mentioned in the contract in the storage

X would place the address of the apartment and the access code to the door of the apartment in the storage.

X would get payment confirmation and Y would get the address and access code.

A smart contract is immutable, hence X and Y cannot cheat nor can they change the terms in the contract.

Now the aforesaid events can lead to three scenarios.

Case 1: Y comes to the city and find the address and access code given by X are right. X receives the payment agreed upon earlier

Case 2: Y comes to the city to find the address and access codes given by X are phony. Y receives the advance rent payment he made.

Case 3: Y doesn’t come to the city. In this case, X receives some fraction of the advance rent as compensation, as per terms in the contract and rest is refunded to Y. The contract will be termed fulfilled and will remain in the blockchain.

Smart Contract Development Services

As a unique and innovative smart contract development platform, Cryptosoftwares provide customized smart contract development services as per the client requirements. With the high experience and skilled blockchain developers, we assist with following smart contract services using our leading platform.

Smart Contract Architecture

With the creative smart contract architecture, we provide innovative solutions for the bug-free workflow and suitable practices are implemented to achieve operational efficiency.

Smart Contract Design and Development

Our proficient developers adhere to the unique solutions to develop and adapt the smart contract design with customized features.

Smart Contract Auditing

Precise auditing of smart contract and validate to offer zero breach and bug-free contracts

Smart Contract Optimization

Developed the optimized smart contracts to reduce the gas or the charge required for a transaction with the help of libraries, byte array of fixed size, and short-circuiting.

Decentralized App Development

Developed decentralized Apps to face the operational complexities and provide smart contract solutions to be more secure, innovative and functional

Contract Token and ICO Development

Optimized, secured and scalable smart contract tokens developed to avail the exclusive support for ICO development.

Blockchain Smart Contract Development Process

1Requirement Gathering
  • Initiate the process by gathering the new and existing requirements
  • Analyze the business design to identify the end goal
  • Evaluate and develop the blockchain technology
  • Provide the roadmap of the product
2Technical Design
  • Documentation of smart contracts
  • Develop the entire data flow diagrams
  • Designing and creating a technical architecture
  • Develop sprint/milestone
  • Development of smart contracts at the alpha level
  • Development of smart contracts at Beta level
  • Candidate release
  • Smart contract production
4Deployment of smart contracts
  • Performing alpha and beta testing
  • Deploy the contract on the live production
5Upgrade the smart contracts
  • Gathering new requirements
  • Maintaining and Prioritizing the backlogs

Areas that extensively use Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Real Estate
Real Estate
Smart Contract Warehouses
Smart Contract Logistics
Logistics and transports
Smart Contract Development
Financial Institutions like banks and many more.

Advantages of Smart Contracts

  • They are quick and reliable.
  • They are immutable.
  • The execution is decentralized that makes them failure proof.
  • Neither parties can cheat or tamper the contract.
  • Automatic execution guarantees fair business.
Smart Contract Development

The flip side of the coin is that the codes are written by human and they can be as good as the people who write them. Code bugs and oversights can creep in and there would be no preventive mechanism to prevent exploitation in such cases.

Any forethought on executing a contract without manipulations, setbacks and meddling of third parties? Our team of experts can guide you in developing it and further auditing.

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