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What is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

ICO or initial coin offering is a mode of crowdfunding project in which the creators of the project sell ICO tokens to investors in exchange of money to start the project.when the value of the sold tokens grows, the investors earn big time money!

Initial Coin Offering is a new trend that shows the way digital currencies can be mobilized as an alternative channel for funding. It means that someone offers investors some units of new cryptocurrency or crypto-token in exchange against cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Cryptosoftwares is a top ICO development company with excellent ICO services. We offer customized ICO development services with high security and reliability. Digital currencies always continue to grow and diversify, offering new opportunities and fertile ground for innovations. ICOs are often used to fund the development of new cryptocurrencies. This is typically done to get funds without the need to go to a bank or any other places. An ICO launch service solves the basic problem of initial coin distribution.

The initial coin offering or ICO development, is rapidly reshaping the conventions, boundaries and timelines for how entrepreneurs, startups and corporations finance their endeavours. ICO also have an extra advantage, which is that they allow organisers to find a much wider option in their search for investment, and not to be limited to traditional financing.

ICO works

How Initial Coin Offering (ICO) works?

CryptoSoftwares develop a business plan For ICO development service depending on the market research and where you get to know the fund to be raised and the initial fund required by the organization.

Once started with the ICO development, people those who are interested in these tokens or crypto coins will buy from the company. Like an initial public offering, these coins will be the shares of the organization. If the required fund is raised with these ICO tokens, then the goal of the project is met successfully.

ICO development service platform will provide a complete solution to earn more capable investors for your organization.

ico development services

Our unique methodologies for ICO Development Services

  • Planning and designing the business plan
  • Review and identify the objectives of your business
  • Development of ICO website and required features
  • Safe and Secure token system
  • ICO Hosting and token distribution
  • Post ICO Development services and support

Pre ICO Development Services with Cryptosoftwares

1Crypto Development

Develop the perfect cryptocurrency with the objectives of ICO and CryptoSoftwares satisfies our client requirements

2White Paper – Drafting & Consulting

CryptoSoftwares recommends maintaining white paper strategies to be followed and grab more customers for ICO investment.

3Customized Landing Page – Design and development

Design and develop your landing page with a user-friendly interface for ICO platform and website. This assists in easy and simple navigation.

4Building Community

With digital Blockchain build a strong and independent community for transparency and enhance your business with ICO Development and Services of Cryptopsoftwares.

5Token Launching

Develop a unique ICO platform for tokens and services based on blockchain with our skilled professionals.

6Crypto Wallet Development

Digital wallets are developed for ICO development service to save crypto coins in the digital wallet with all safety features.

7Verification -KYC( Know Your Customer)

We follow the verification process to complete KYC Verification and ensures the data security of our customers

8Investing Multi-Currency

Cryptosoftwares support multi-currency investment as most of the ICO fundraising is done through Ethereum. We allow investors to buy these tokens through other cryptocurrencies

Post ICO Development Services with Cryptosoftwares

1Marketing for ICO

Marketing is a major part of our post-ICO Development service to cover up with all online features of ICO and to promote your crypto business.

2Blockchain Integration

You can have the customized blockchain integration with our standardized ICO Development service

3Exchange Platform

Exchange platforms can be built by our professionals with this ICO Development Service.

4ICO Customer Support

Fully committed support round a clock from our skilled professional for a successful ICO Launch.

5Smart Contract

Smart contracts can be developed for automated business transactions based on the contracts and it ensures transparency and reliability of the transactions.

6Protection against hackers

As the ICO produces more fund to the organization. It is more vulnerable to hackers. Cryptosoftwares provide ICO development service with an individual account and a unique address to prevent hackers.

7Protection for Lost Token

In case you lose your private key information to access your ICO coins, the same can be recovered and protected using our platform. An account with unique login information is provided for our customers. This additional safety feature is included with our ICO Development Service.

Why Initial Coin Offering

    Why Initial Coin Offering?

  • Most initial coin offerings, are called token generation events since they are based on certain protocol and don’t own an own blockchain.
  • Create a new crypto coins which is different to Bitcoin and has its own unique feature and blockchain.
  • Create a new project the equity is raised via crowdfunding, so everybody can take part of it
  • This is similar to startups, so you invest in the idea behind it and hope they get profitable.

    Why Choose Us?

  • A large number of companies have become incredibly successful, having raised capital through ICOs.
  • This gives you the opportunity for High ROI (Return on Investment)
  • It is unlike investing in traditional startups, where investor money can be tied in for years.
  • There is no extra charges or fees
  • We provide best Whitelabel ICO launching platform development services to our clients.