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A blockchain is a digital ledger that is decentralized and can be used to store anything of value. It is employed in a wide range of industries like the legal sector, finance, banking, health care, logistics, notary, etc.

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A blockchain is a digital ledger that is programmed to record anything of value. Data is stored in a blockchain as a shared and continuously reconciled database. Since there is a decentralised database, it would be difficult to hack and corrupt the data hosted by millions of computers simultaneously. The data is accessible to anyone on the internet. Hence, it is fully public and easily verifiable.

There are certain blockchain networks that are not entirely public and the access to new members is restricted. These are called Permissioned Blockchains. An additional layer of access control was built over the blockchain chain nodes and the participants in the network has the ability to restrict the addition of new members, thereby keeping a check on the consensus mechanism of the blockchain network.

Permissioned blockchain allows the network to entrust a particular group of members in the network with the express authority to validate the transaction blocks.

Blockchain Development Services

Cryptocurrency Development

Are you looking for safe digital transactions then go ahead with the cryptocurrency development. By making use of the cutting edge technology and innovative ideas of Cryptosoftwares, build your own cryptocurrency for digital transactions.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Want to be more than a cryptocurrency trader? Get your entrepreneurial streak going and develop a cryptocurrency exchange platform and make space for buyers and sellers to meet. You can earn a lucrative commission too!

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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Get cryptocurrency wallet development service so that you can store your crypto token, safely under a secure cover.

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ICO/IEO Development

The emerging economic or business model is revolutionized with the optimized fundraising or crowdfunding mechanism ICO/IEO. Initial Coin Offering or Initial Exchange Offering assists to finance with digital coins and build the base of your startup projects.

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Smart Contract Development

Would you like to avoid third parties from executing a contract between two people and need a self-executing digital contract? The smart contract will code the conditions for the execution with the blockchain software development process.

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Hyperledger Application Development

Enhance trust, transparency, accountability to streamline the business process with Hyperledger application development. It enables the development of the permissioned blockchains and to avail of the benefits of blockchain technology.

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Platforms we use


A popular open-source blockchain platform for creating and sharing business, economic services, and entertainment applications.


An ambitious network with the aim of building an infrastructure for an absolutely decentralized Internet.


A high-performance blockchain that supports developers all over the world to create crypto apps with high scalability.


A blockchain that combines the latest technologies to offer exceptional security and sustainability to decentralized apps and systems.

Bitcoin Services

We provide comprehensive software services and programming solutions using Bitcoin, the fundamental cryptocurrency. Create secure and decentralized Bitcoin applications.

Areas of Blockchain Application Services

blockchain software development

    Blockchain can be used as a system of record

  • It can establish a strong system of digital identity.
  • Supply chain management, intellectual property, anti counterfeiting and fraud detection are greatly benefitted from digital tokens.
  • Blockchain helps in inter organisational data management.
  • The technology is helpful for financial institutions in audit trails.
build your own blockchain application

    Blockchain technology as a platform

  • Blockchain helps in developing Smart contracts.
  • It streamlines clearing and settlements of transaction.
  • Blockchain helps in automating regulatory compliance.
  • It is useful for automated governance.
  • With blockchain technology, anyone can hold and pay without intermediaries.
  • Blockchain has revamped payment infrastructure. Now, people can send money around the world and the merchants can accept digital currency payments.

Types of Blockchain Development

Public Blockchain
  • No access restriction
  • Decentralized
  • Open participant and validator access
  • Ex. Bitcoin Ethereum
Private Blockchain
  • Permissioned
  • More centralized than public blockchains
  • Participant and validator access is restricted
  • Ex. Hyperledger & R3 Corda
Consortium Blockchain
  • Semi decentralized
  • Mostly used by banks & government organization
  • Limited authorized nodes or users
  • Ex. Quorum
Hybrid Blockchain
  • Combination of centralized & decentralized
  • User control on accessing data
  • Ex. Dragonchain

Where is blockchain employed?


You can create digital tokens or cryptocoins with blockchains and be your own bank! Moreover, trading coins will enable you to earn high return on investment, just like how early investors of bitcoin are basking in the glory of billions in their account today.

Payments and money transfers

Make instantaneous transactions with zero processing fee over the secure and decentralized network of blockchain application development.

Smart Contract

The digital contract encoded in the blockchain between the two different parties to keep up and agree with the business contracts. Smart contracts are rigid and difficult to be altered, thus avoids business conflicts between two anonymous parties involved in any business.


Blockchain technology provides convenient and inexpensive notary services. Blockchain app development helps to establish date, time and place of origin and prevents tampering with the document at any point of time during its existence.

Distributed Cloud Storage

Blockchain assures affordable, fast and secure storage. Due to the highly decentralised peer to peer network and storage, it is impossible to commit fraudery and tamper with the data.

Digital identity

Security is a top concern for all businesses varying from large to small scale. Blockchain helps in tracking, managing digital identities in a secure and efficient manner, thus ensures seamless login process with no fraudulent activities.

Gifts and loyalty programmes

Blockchain enables more security in gifts and loyalty programme at very cheap rates. Blockchain application development service is of great need in today’s day and age,considering how much value it can add to the digital world. CryptoSoftwares is the foremost platform in providing blockchain development of utmost quality at most competitive prices in the market.

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