Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone script

Top Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script

The digital world is broke ground with its latest trend in cryptocurrency trading. Many cryptocurrency exchange clone script providers are competing to make their cryptocurrency exchange platform stand unique among other exchange platforms.

Cryptocurrency exchange clone script will have the features and functions to build their own crypto exchange platforms. This helps to trade the different cryptocurrencies over the exchange platform more effectively. All are looking for the best clone scripts to build crypto exchange platforms.

CryptoSoftwares- is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange clone script provider Software development company to enhance the best clone scripts from top cryptocurrency exchange platforms in order to build your own cryptocurrency exchange such as Okex,coinbase, Binance, and many others.

CryptoSoftwares provides excellent Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development services

In this article, you will be able to see the top cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts.

Top 15 cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts to start your crypto exchange in 2021

  1. Binance Clone Script
  2. It is one of the topmost cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts. Binance clone script includes the features and properties of the Binance crypto exchange.

    In 2017, Binance was founded by Changpeng Zhao as an international cryptocurrency exchange platform. This exchange platform is headquartered in Japan. Here it offers 50% off on the transaction fee for its traders.

    It offers a secure platform with great user experience and high-speed performance. It also supports new and multi coins.

  3. Coinbase Clone Script
  4. Coinbase clone scripts will have multiple properties and features of the Coinbase exchange platform.

    Coinbase acts as a wallet as well as a perfect exchange platform for the traders to store the digital money, sell and buy the crypto coins. This platform also provides 2FA or two-factor authentication, instantaneous transactions, stock market exchanges, etc.

    If any user invites friends to join the Coinbase platform, then the user will be offered $10 from this platform.

  5. Kucoin Clone Script
  6. It is an exchange platform based in Hong Kong and founded by KuCoin Shares. Users will be able to buy this KuCoin shares so that it attains a profitable value. Once the desired value is reached, the same can be sold in the market. This will act as a source of passive income for the users. To focus more and more crypto investors, it offered a charting package via a third party trading system.

  7. Bitstamp Clone Script
  8. A perfect exchange platform to make transactions with virtual coins. In 2011, it was founded by Nejc Kodric and Damijan Merlak and now headquartered in Luxembourg. The exclusive features enable trade between Bitcoins and US dollars.

    The traders will be allowed to buy the cryptocurrency with the help of debit or credit cards. They can also withdraw the fund in the form of gold.

  9. Paxful Clone Script
  10. It is one of the topmost exchange platforms or clone scripts to trade bitcoins by using peer to peer model. This platform offers a wide range of around 300 types of multiple payment options for trading bitcoins.

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    The traders are also allowed to choose other payment options like gift cards such as iTunes and Amazon.

  11. Kraken Clone Script
  12. The Kraken cryptocurrency exchange platform was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in San Francisco.

    It has a plan to launch the first cryptocurrency bank by collaborating with other cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Depending upon the withdrawal funds, it also involves ranging from one to five-factor verification in the platform.

  13. Remitano Clone Script
  14. It is one of the topmost exchange clone scripts based in Europe, Africa, North American, Asia. It is owned by Babylon Solutions, which is a Seychelles based organization.

    Read the blog on Remitano Clone Script

    In 2014, it was founded and expanded to around 30 countries worldwide. This platform also supports to trade off other coins like Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Tether.

  15. Bittrex Clone Script
  16. In 2013, Bittrex was founded by Bill Shihara and other business partners. It is an American based organization and known as the new generation for cryptocurrency exchange platform.

    It holds more than 190 currencies to trade over the exchange platform. Bittrex is well known for its data security and transparency in its business operations.

  17. Gemini Clone Script
  18. Gemini clone script is one of the topmost clone scripts and it is based on the US. It is the first exchange platform licensed for Ether exchange.

    Currently, this exchange platform is based only in 6 countries. It also supports bitcoin trade and investors will be able to save the Zcash in their Gemini account. US dollars are the only fiat currency supported by the Gemini platform.

  19. Coinmama Clone Script
  20. In 2013, the Coinmama exchange platform was founded and based in Slovakia. It allows the customers to buy crypto coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum with the help of a credit card. They can also make use of their local currency to buy crypto coins. Some countries are still not allowed to make use of the functions and features of this exchange platform.

  21. Bitmax Clone Script
  22. In July 2018, the Bitmax exchange platform was developed and based in Singapore. It offers around 36 crypto coin exchange with 72 pairs of three crypto markets (USDT, BTC, and ETH). Transaction mining is one of the exclusive features that make this platform to be unique among other exchange platforms.

  23. Bitsquare Clone Script
  24. Bitsquare exchange platform is one of the topmost clone scripts with open source desktop applications. It offers bitcoin exchange with altcoins, fiat money.

    It also provides more privacy and security for all the transactions. Trading partners will be able to exchange by personally identifying the data stored locally on the platform.

  25. Localbitcoins Clone Script
  26. Localbitcoins is one of the topmost P2P crypto exchange platform script and enables safe transactions between buyers and sellers without admin intervention.

    All the operations in this exchange platform can be done online or offline by providing the nearby retailer’s location information for the user.

  27. Bithump Clone Script
  28. In South Korea, BitHumb is one of the topmost cryptocurrency exchange platforms. It is charging only a minimal transaction fee of $0.15 and it does not depend upon the transaction amount used by the customers.

  29. Coincheck Clone Script
  30. It is also listed in the top list of clone scripts and offers exchanges between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether.

    In 2014, the Coincheck exchange platform was founded and based in Japan.

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Hope in this article; you will be able to find the top cryptocurrency exchange clone script. This article will help you to find the best exchange platform as per your requirements.

Always choose the best crypto exchange platform developer to build your own exchange platform.

Some Common Faqs

  • What is Remitano clone Script?
  • Remiatno clone script is a website clone script used to develop the Remitano exchange platform with all its features alike API’s, Plug-ins etc

  • What is Paxful clone script?
  • Paxful clone script is a peer to peer bitcoin exchange platform where you can buy and sell bitcoins. They have multiple payment options and provides the users with complete contol over their asset.

  • Which are the top cryptocurrency trading websites?
  • The top cryptocurrency trading websites include Binance, KuCoin,, Coinbase, Bitfinex, Changelly etc.

  • How much does it cost to make a cryptocurrency exchange software?
  • The cost to make a cryptocurrency exchange software varies depending on the complexity, unique features, customized requirements etc.

  • What is cryptocurrency liquidity?
  • Cryptocurrency liquidity is the abilility of the cryptocurrencies to be converted into fiat currency or physical money.

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    Every Start-up and Entrepreneur will aim for their Cryptocurrency Exchange development process to be a successful one.

    A crypto exchange platform is a market with the provision of services such as enabling users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies based on their requirements but charging a commission for successful transactions.


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