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Coinpayments Review – Coinpayments Wallet – Is coinpayments safe?

Are you planning to use Coinpayments? If yes, go through the complete Coinpayments Review.

Before getting into depth we will discuss first about coinpayments wallet

CoinPayments Wallet – Crypto wallet for Bitcoins/Altcoins

coinpayments wallet

CoinPayments was the world’s first multi-coin payment project when it was founded in 2013 as a global payment platform for cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. Alex Alexandrov, the CEO, runs a privately held company. The CoinPayments wallet has grown to enormous proportions five years after its initial release, with assistance for transactions in 1085 various types of cryptocurrencies and over 938,000 vendors expanded across 223 regions worldwide. The platform enables users to buy and sell assets through a cloud wallet hosted and supported by the company.

Here we will discuss coinpayments wallet review & its tremendous features, Later on into the company behind the coinpayments wallet, its history, and intentions. After that, we’ll go through the actual coinpayments review – pros and cons, convenient features, and so on.

Pros and Cons of CoinPayments – Coinpayments wallet

There are both pros and cons for the services of coinpayments wallet, which are mentioned below:


  • Safe and Secure.

  • Supports 600 plus Cryptocurrencies.

  • Impressive Transaction Fees.

  • Has vaults.

  • Cons

    There are not many cons to tell, except the one which happened in the year 2017.

  • Security compromised incident in the year 2017.

  • App Version of Coinpayments Wallet

    CoinPayments is basically an online wallet, just like Coinbase but it is also available as a mobile app. The mobile app is considered to be well-optimized and simple to use. It enables you to access your wallet, execute transactions and receive payments in person. Because the CoinPayments wallet is fundamentally an online one, you would think that the mobile version of it won’t be that useful. But according to user CoinPayments, reviews found on the internet, the mobile version of the wallet is really pretty good and works flawlessly.

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    Here in this blog, we will discuss the exclusive features of this Bitcoin wallet or cryptocurrency trading platform, some info about the company, and more.

    Keep reading!

    What is CoinPayments?


    CoinPayments is a Canadian firm which offers the services of Cryptocurrency trading platform, Cryptocurrency wallet, etc. They accept Cryptos like Bitcoin and over 600 altcoins through their platform. It’s all set with easy to use plugins, and highly interactive interfaces.

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    CoinPayments has over 20,00,000 vendors around the world and it’s considered as one of the best cryptocurrency platforms that we have right now online.

    Other exciting characteristics of them include the easy-to-use shopping cart plugins which the merchants can use to integrate with their already existing platforms.

    Also, they provide CoinPayments PoS (Point of Sale) terminals so that the customers can make use of such facilities at various offline stores.

    Now, hope why CoinPayments is considered as one of the most popular Cryptocurrency payment processing services that we have today.

    Coinpayments PoS

    The Coinpayments POS interface can be implemented via a URL or regular HTML POST form to has everything you need for a full-featured, simple-to-use Android-based coinpayments POS system. They support 62+ cryptocurrencies including Dash. They have a robust-looking backend website that looks very safe and gives a plethora of information about your transactions.

    Coinpayments Support – Features of CoinPayments

    CoinPayments, as the title suggests, specializes in providing various payment options to various parties for cryptocurrencies and assets. The wallet itself has a wide range of features that are captivating to any trader. One of them is, of course, a large number of currencies that it supports. You can also use the Point of Sale function, which allows you to accept in-person payments in your facilities. CoinPayments also has a shopping cart plugin for some of the most popular web stores today, which allows you to shop with your currencies.

    CoinPayments offers a lot of really interesting features that no other competitors of them can claim. And, they are:

    Multi-Coin Wallet:

    CoinPayments support almost 600 altcoins through their online wallet facility. But still, it is not recommended for a larger duration of time.

    Point of Sale (PoS):

    CoinPayments also supports offline stores through their PoS facilities. They use a simple and user-friendly interface that allows accepting in-person payments.

    Shopping Cart Plugins:

    CoinPayments supports the plugin service of the shopping cart which can be integrated with your existing websites. It’s all easy. Sign up on the site and install a plugin to integrate it with your existing platform.

    GAP600 Instant Confirmations:

    It supports GAP600 instant confirmations and hence the payments executed are much faster than the old and conventional methods followed, where it used to take almost an hour in getting confirmed!

    Auto Coin Conversions:

    Another feature provided by CoinPayments include the conversion of one cryptocurrency to another one. This feature helps to save your precious time as well as money to a greater extent.

    Fiat Settlements:

    They also support the fiat settlement for the merchants involved in the countries like US or UK. Here, you can link those settlements directly with your bank account.

    Vault Service:

    This facility helps the user to secure your coins in a cold wallet for a certain time before you actually spend them.

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    CoinPayments supports the crediting of AirDropped coins which not many platforms out there offer. But CoinPayments credits the airdropped coins to users. Usually, it becomes much more complicated where the users have to struggle really hard to claim those airdropped coins to your offline wallet.

    Mobile App:

    CoinPayments offer a well built mobile application in both the Android as well as iOS formats so that the users can conduct crypto transactions of all sorts through their mobile devices!

    ICO Marketplace:

    CoinPayment also provides the facility of an ICO hosting platform which helps to deal with even your upcoming ICO’s including Escrow.

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    $PayByName Purchases:

    This is one of the best features that CoinPayment provide to its users. The customers can generate their own custom names and can conduct transactions using these names. Not only that the merchants involved can also accept the cryptos using this unique name.

    Transaction Fees:

    CoinPayments is one of the cheapest service providers for crypto transactions in the world. The details regarding the transaction fees involved are given below:

    Coinpayments Fees

    Incoming Payments – To Balance 0.50%
    Incoming Payments – As Soon As Possible/Nightly 0.50% + coin transaction fee
    Commercial Deposits 0.50%

    Also, they charge an additional service fee for using their coinpayments wallet.

    Is CoinPayments a Safe Platform?

    Cryptocurrencies are the ones that have high value in the market. So when dealing with crypto transactions you should make sure whether the platform you are using is a highly secured one or not!

    The company claims they are highly secured with all the latest technological implementations. But there have been certain times when their security has been compromised in the past.

    It was in the year 2017 when hackers broke into the Coinpayments’ Ripple storing security databases. A large amount of Ripple coins were stolen and it impacted a huge loss to the customers as well as the company itself. But the coins stored in vaults were safe and secure.

    The company but managed to give back all the lost Ripple coins to its users within six months! CoinPayments actually dealt with the situation really well, and that has impressed a lot of people in again trusting them.

    Also, they made sure that it never happens in the future and has not occurred until now. It’s totally safe and secures using their services is what we could infer from the above incidents and also almost all the reviews from the customers say so!

    Coinpayments Supported Coins

    Bitcoin BTC
    Bitcoin (Cash BCH
    Litecoin LTC
    Velas VLX
    Empress Gold AEG

    Explore more to find the Coinpayments Supported Coins from here :

    Summing Up

    CoinPayments is a legitimate and safe platform to conduct your cryptocurrency transactions. This blog on Coinpayments Review has tried to list out all the necessary information to help you in choosing the best Cryptocurrency trading platform. CoinPayments is safe, secure, offers a lot of features for sure and the price charged is also minimal!

    So do give CoinPayments a try!

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