Meebits Review 2021

Larva Labs are one of the most recognizable names in NFT. Their projects CryptoPunks — unique and collectible tokens and Autoglyphs — on-chain generative art had taken the crypto world by storm. Meebits is the latest NFT project of Larva Labs that is making waves in the crypto community. The platform consists of 20,000 generated unique 3D characters and a marketplace that charges no trading fees. Within 8 hours of their launch, over 9,000 characters were sold for more than 22,000 ETH. This is worth over 92 million USD currently. Let’s have a look at what Meebits is, what to do with it, and much more in this Meebits review 2021.

What is Meebits ?

Meebits are 3D characters developed by an algorithm and recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. It is similar in some ways to Larva Lab’s previous project Cryptopunks. While Cryptopunks provided unique 2D avatars for platforms like Twitter, Discord, etc, Meebits provides 3D avatars for games, VR platforms, and virtual settings. This will also serve as a boost for VR and gaming fields. Meebits avatars are operable over multiple platforms. These are similar in looks to characters from popular online games like Minecraft and Roblox.

The platform aims to provide a similar experience to card collecting, as users can trade Meebits for Meebits. Owners of Meebits also own an additional asset pack that contains the full 3D model. It can be animated or used as an avatar in the metaverse. Developers are hopeful that the simplistic minimal design will withstand the test of time and be relevant for generations to come. There is also a marketplace on the platform that supports trading of 100 Meebits per transaction.

Uses of Meebits

There are many use cases for Meebits. These can be used as avatars all across the metaverse, animated as 3D models, 3D printed into existence, and much more. Let’s have a look at some of the uses of these unique 3D characters.

Render a 3D model or 2D pixel art

As mentioned earlier, when you buy a Meebit, you also get an additional asset pack that contains the full 3D model. It contains a T-pose OBJ file that is compatible with most 3D modeling and animation software. Your NFT can be animated and made even more exciting. A Meebits can be made to do stunts or fun dance moves. You can find such videos all over social media platforms. These help in garnering community attention to the platform.

Meebits come in high resolution and lossless rendering that can be used to render 3D models. You can also turn your 3D model into 2D pixel art. These can be posted on your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or set as display pictures.

Use as an avatar in games

Meebits can be used as an avatar in numerous games such as Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, or The Sandbox. Meebits for video games and virtual worlds could be what Cryptopunks has become for Twitter and Discord. These avatars can be classified according to their hair, clothing, and accessories. Some have hats, tattoos, earrings, beards, etc. Dissected, Visitor, Skeleton, Robot, etc are some of the rare Meebits avatars.

3D print your Meebits

You can 3D print your Meebits avatar and give it life in the physical world. It would be a cool thing to place on your desk or decorate your room with. These are the steps involved in 3D printing your NFT.

  • Download the .vox file attached to your Meebits.
  • Upload the model on the MagicaVoxel website.
  • If you want, any changes to the model can be made on MagicaVoxel.
  • The color, size, or pattern of the model can be changed. You can even add more voxels.
  • After making the necessary changes, if any, export the model as an OBJ file. This will generate three files.
  • Combine all the files into a ZIP archive and upload it to Shapeways.
  • Now you can select the desired size and material.
  • Finally, submit a print order and you are good to go.

Meebits and NFTs

The simple and minimalistic 3D voxel style of Meebits avatars has attracted users from all over the world. They have set up their own decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) called MeebitsDAO. The aim is to develop a cross-platform metaverse for avatars. They will acquire various virtual worlds for the avatars to roam. Meebits is currently the seventh-largest NFT collection in the world and has generated over 120 million $ in overall sales.

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Summing Up

Meebits is another promising project from the developers of Cryptopunks. It is a decentralized project and there are no fees charged by developers. The growth in popularity of NFTs will also help Meebits in the future. We are sure that there is a lot more to come from the platform in the future. Meebits could end up being one of the biggest names in NFT and cryptocurrencies.

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