How to invest in cryptocurrency? Guide for beginners

Most of us are enslaved in our 9 to 5 jobs that ruthlessly mine most of our youth, health, and time. There is inflation that barely comes down and politics that never gets better. Leaving us like corpses to a living that demands more money every day and enslaving us to a loop that never loses its hunger for money. Narrowing us to be earnest seekers of everything that can earn us more wealth. This brings thoughts about “ how to make money “ constantly lingering in our minds. Most of us are curious to know how someone got rich and what they did right. Investment in Cryptocurrencies is the new thing that is making many people rich and everybody wants to know about it. Did the thought of investing in cryptocurrencies feel vague to you? Here is a quick lead on how to invest in cryptocurrency and how to make better benefits from them

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are a form of digital currency configured by using blockchain technology. By using cryptocurrencies you can buy goods and services as well as trade them for profit. Most buyers of cryptocurrencies are speculators who look for profit when their price soars high.

How Cryptocurrency works

Cryptocurrency works with the assistance of blockchain technology and has a decentralized functioning and is used for profit trading as well as in exchange for goods and services. Here is a comprehensive explanation of different subjects in relation to how cryptocurrency works.

Technology that makes cryptocurrency work

Blockchain is the technology that gives fuel to cryptocurrency. Blockchain provides strong security and transparency for data shared across the network.

How cryptocurrency works through decentralized functioning

Its technology is spread across many computers for its recording and management, thereby eliminating the centralized approach to the management of currency.

How does cryptocurrency works for its user or Utility of Cryptocurrency

Goods and Services

Cryptocurrency can be utilized in exchange for purchasing goods and services of companies that take cryptocurrency as well in place of cash. An increasing number of companies are joining the club of companies that accept cryptocurrency for the goods and services they provide.

Profit through Trading

Due to its volatile price fluctuations, big investors are eager to invest in cryptocurrency whose value is speculated to rise in the future.

How to invest in cryptocurrency?

Most people invest in cryptocurrency to trade for profit. The highlight of cryptocurrency is its decentralized system which makes its management and control by a central authority impossible. Cryptocurrencies are finite in number and they are compared to precious metals like gold and silver. Acknowledging the potential of cryptocurrencies brings us to the question of how to invest in cryptocurrency in the best way. For understanding that it is important to understand cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, their price fluctuations, and the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022.

Choosing A Broker And Understanding Trading Fees

You can either use a cryptocurrency exchange or trade without an exchange. But cryptocurrency exchanges can show you data analysis, charts, and graphs about price fluctuations that keep your cryptocurrency safe as well as find for you purchasers if you want to sell your currency and match you with sellers using systems like order books. You should therefore find exchanges that charge the best brokerage and analysis of cryptocurrency fluctuations.

Understand Cryptocurrency Price Fluctuations

Even the most popular cryptocurrency, that is Bitcoin, has prices that have very volatile fluctuations with a price drop to half its value this year from a market cap of $65,000 in April. Greater price swings can be increasingly found in small cryptocurrencies with a low market cap as compared to other popular cryptocurrencies.

Find Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cryptocurrency can be traded through a cryptocurrency exchange. Even Though cryptocurrency can be transferred independently without an exchange, such transactions can compromise its safety. A cryptocurrency exchange also called a digital currency exchange helps to trade digital currencies including cryptocurrencies for other digital currencies or fiat money. They accept credit card payments, wire transfers, or other modes of payment for buying cryptocurrencies.

Most Cryptocurrency exchanges charge a reasonable brokerage for their services. If you think about taking the services of a cryptocurrency exchange you must look for those exchanges that provide seamless transfers, are technically secure, and have a reasonable brokerage for transfers.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

1. Binance

2. Coinbase Exchange

3. FTX

4. Kraven

5. Huobi Global

6. Kucoin


8. Bitfinex

9. Gate.io

10. Binance.US

Choose Cryptocurrency Wallets

Crypto wallets are intended for keeping your cryptocurrency safe. They come in different forms and include cold hardware wallets which are USB-like hardware and hot wallets that are completely dependent on online. They keep possession of cryptocurrency safe and easily accessible.

Check Authenticity

Frauds and Scams are evolving relentlessly in the cryptocurrency domain. Investors in cryptocurrency need to be vigilant about fraudulent ICOs and shady coins and tokens. Some of the ways you can avoid a cryptocurrency scam are as follows:

Fake websites:

You could end up accidentally visiting a fake website that resembles the original website. To check the genuineness of the website, look out for a lock icon near the URL bar. Not having HTTP as the site address is also a red alert for visiting an imposter website

Fake Mobile Apps:

Apps store and play store can be sometimes flooded with fake apps. You could also find fake apps for cryptocurrency even though stakeholders are very vigilant about finding such apps and removing them.

Email Scams:

Email scams are one of the most popular ways by which scammers find their victims. You must check whether the email address is the same as the original and if the logo and branding features are identical. Fake ICOs or initial coin offerings often find their prey through such emails.

How Many Cryptocurrencies Are There?

According to CoinMarket.com, there are nearly 13500 cryptocurrencies and their total market value is more than $2 trillion. And the most popular cryptocurrency that is Bitcoin was capped at around $1 trillion.

Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2022

Bitcoin $1,070,233,516,763
Ethereum $507,232,896,719
Binance Coin $98,107,153,281
Tether $98,107,153,281
Tether J$72,523,097,700
Solana $66,262,922,724x
Cardano $55,972,682,316
XRP $49,144,144,230
Polkadot $39,114,029,160

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrency has a vibrant market that is very volatile but engaging for investors who look for profit. New cryptocurrencies are entering the market and cryptocurrency investors are keeping tabs to invest in the most promising currency. For beginners, cryptocurrency would feel like a vague topic of investment. But if you take little effort into understanding cryptocurrency, the clouds are gonna away and you are gonna make good money. The above blog has comprehensively detailed all the domains of wisdom relating to cryptocurrency investment. We hope this blog helped you with the best way to cleverly invest in cryptocurrency.

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