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How To Build Your First DApp On Tron Blockchain

The Tron Blockchain is one of the world’s fastest-growing public chains. It aims to create a decentralized entertainment ecosystem using blockchain technology. This system would empower digital content creators and enable them to eliminate the middlemen. And let the public directly pay the creators to access their content. Tron supports the development of decentralized apps (Tron Dapp) on the blockchain. Tron Dapps can be deployed in multiple ways because of the network’s scalability and highly effective smart contracts that enable top performance and endless possibilities. With Tron’s MainNet, the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM), and a complete suite of developer tools, new DApps can be created easily. There are many Tron Dapp Development companies today. Here we are going to take a look at how to build your first Dapp on the Tron blockchain.

What is Tron?

Tron was founded in 2017 by Justin Sun. It is an ambitious project that intends to decentralize the internet using blockchain technology and decentralized apps. Tron’s cryptocurrency TRX is globally ranked 25th and listed in over 130 exchanges. The coin is currently priced at $0.07779 and has a market cap of $7910.65 million. TRX cannot be mined like BTC or ETH. It can only be bought from the 130+ exchanges it is listed in. Tron’s ecosystem consists of the decentralized trading platform PoloniDEX, the wallet TRON Wallet, blockchain explorer TRONSCAN, DApp ecosystem Tron DApps, super representatives Tron SR, stable coin lending platform JustStable, official lending platform JustLend, decentralized token exchange protocol JustSwap, an official oracle project JustLink, a social experiment SUN token, and the scaling solution for Tron MainNet SUN Network. Tron is often compared to Ethereum because of its ecosystem.

How To Build your DApp on TRON blockchain – Tron DApp Development Company

These are the steps in developing a DApp on the Tron blockchain.

1. Set up your TronLink account

2. Install Tron developer tools

3. Learn Solidity and build your Dapp

1. Set up your TronLink account

This step includes learning how to use TronLink, Shasta testnet, and testnet TRX.

TronLink Chrome Wallet

The TronLink is a chrome extension that enables users and developers to connect to the TRON Blockchain easily within the browser.

You can download it from: https://bit.ly/TronLink.

After downloading TronLink, open it from the top right corner of the Google Chrome browser.

Changing network to Shasta

Once you have downloaded TronLink, you should select your network as Shasta, the TRON testnet. We suggest building on the testnet initially before moving to the MainNet.

1. Select the settings option (gear icon)

From the top right corner of TronLink under the current network, click on “Select Node” for Shasta Testnet to set it as your current network.

Accessing your account

Now that you have your TronLink account setup, you can use this address to request some test TRX for your DApp on Tron.

1. Select the Accounts to tab to access details on all your TronLink accounts

2. Copy your TRON address that starts with T.

Getting Testnet TRX

Now that you have your TronLink account set up, you can use this address to request test TRX for your DApp on TRON.

1. Go to https://TronGrid.io/shasta#request

2. Copy and paste your account address into the box and receive 10,000 Testnet TRX.

2. Install Tron developer tools

Here we will learn how to use the Tronbox and commands.

Clone the Repository

Now that you have the test TRX (which holds no real value, only used for testing), you may clone the repository to get started on building your DAp

1. Git Clone the demo at https://bit.ly/CHTRON.

2. Cd into the directory, cd TronLink-Demo-Messages

Install and configure TronBox

TronBox is a developer tool that is used to build and compile solidity contracts and deploy them to the network.

1. $ npm install-g tronbox

2. Configure the tronbox js file by replacing the existing private key with your own (which you may retrieve from your TronLink wallet)

3. Copy into the privateKey field

4. $ tronbox compile

This is a command that will compile the smart contract TRXMessages.sol located in contracts/ sub-directory

5. $ tronbox migrate -reset –network Shasta This will deploy the smart contract compiled in the previous step.

6. Write down the address that the contracts were deployed to.

3. Build your Tron DApp

Build and configure the DApp

After you have downloaded TronBox, you may now build your DApp.

1. Install packages: $ npm install or $ yarn install

2. Paste the address to the DApp

3. $ yarn start

4. View your DApp at localhost:3000

Next Steps

1. Learn the directory structure:

a. Solidity Smart Contracts go in contracts/

b. Migrations (deploy scripts) go in migrations/

C. Your react/vuejs go in src/

2. Learn the smart contract language, Solidity a https://solidity.readthedocs.io/en/v0.4.24/.

3. Learn more at the developer documentation portal for step by step guides: https://developers.tron.network

4. Join the Tron developer discord at https://bit.ly/CHTronDiscord.

for help from other engineers of the community and the Tron team.


This is how a DApp is built on Tron. Thousands of developers from all over the world are making use of the Tron blockchains to build DApps. Develop your Tron DApp from a leading Tron Dapp Development company.


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