The Impact of Cryptocurrencies in Network Marketing Industry

The impact of Cryptocurrencies in the Network Marketing Industry has been a widely discussed topic all over the world since Bitcoin and other altcoins came into existence!

At present, there are only very few crypto coins that concentrate on these prospects of the MLM sector.

Well, we will discuss the different cryptocurrencies that work on the platform of network marketing or MLM. Some of them are ImperialCoin (IPC), Global Coin Reserve (GCR) and Latium (LAT).

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List of cryptocurrencies that work on the platform of MLM

ImperialCoin (IPC)

Imperial Coin was founded in the year of 2013. In the beginning stages of its implementation, it was only a Scrypt coin, which is now backed by DGW3 (Dark Gravity Wave 3). It is estimated that they do have a total coin supply of 1.6 Billion and a premine of less than one percent.

Cryptocurrencies like ImperialCoin works in the network marketing industry by acting as a more secure, safe and fast platform that allows the MLM companies to conduct transactions, which charges only very fewer fees as compared to the present methods that we do have now.

ImperialCoin mining is a real heaven for the miners. They make sure that all their miners are rewarded on a constant basis and by treating everyone as equal, that is, there is no discrimination on the basis of when they start mining!

The trading of ImperialCoin is now done on various exchanges and supports almost all types of wallets working in the Windows (32-64), Linux (32-64), MacOS platforms! They even provide a complete and detailed user guide to make its usage easier.

The Android version of the wallet is already in its development stage and is expected to be launched soon. The Imperial coin is also listed on the crypto exchange platforms like CoinMarketCap.

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Global Coin Reserve (GCR)

Global Coin Reserve (GCR) came into being in the year of 2014. It’s regarded as the first home based business opportunity based on a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

If you are in search of a cryptocurrency that brings you a better financial future, then GCR is one of the best options that you do have, according to the company sources!

Global Coin Reserve is basically based in the US city of Dallas in the state of Texas. But they do have operations in almost all countries around the world. Their initial target is to increase the members to one million and to increase the currency value as the miners of GCR increases.

At present, only very limited information about the cryptocurrency is known. Some of the exclusive features and benefits offered by the company to its members are as follows:

  • Mining option in a one time click.
  • Provides access to the cryptocurrency, GCR.
  • They follow a matrix based pattern and providers bonuses on referrals.
  • Specially designed tools to build your business from home.
  • Joining fee varies between $ 29.95 to $999.95 per month.

  • Latium (LAT)

    Latium is another major cryptocurrency that operates in the network marketing format. They provide free Latium for the ones who join and also, you have the option to earn more through referrals.

    Latium cannot be mined but can only be minted and obtained by signing up and referring people. When a person signs up you will be provided 5 Latium coins. Some of the best features offered by them include:

  • Free Signup
  • Benefits for upto referral levels of 100
  • Integrated payment system
  • Proof of Stake [PoS] wallets with ability to mint
  • Interest on minted coins
  • Instant Credit

  • Latium is also available in a lot of Cryptocurrency exchange platforms like CoinMarketCap. It’s one of the best choices that a person could make if they are new to the world of Cryptocurrencies.

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    Summing Up

    All those above-mentioned cryptocurrencies operate in the network marketing format. This is a clear indication that Cryptocurrencies have begun to impact the network marketing industry, which is a really good sign for both the Cryptocurrency industry as well as the Network Marketing sector.

    As such, it is expected to only grow in the future! Well, if you are working in the MLM sector, make sure that you stay updated in both the network marketing as well as the Cryptocurrencies!

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