ICO Website Development Tips

Initial Coin Offerings is one of the simplest methods to raise funds at the initial stage of any tech-based project. Are you backing with cryptocurrencies by using the latest blockchain technology? Yes! you need to focus more on the ICO concept for your project fund and ensure to create ICO website that stands unique in all aspects.

ICO website development is the primary factor to be considered to stand out with your coin offerings. In this article, you will be able to find the ICO website development tips to help the overall development process.

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Tips for ICO Website Development

Following are the tips to create ICO website:

1. Grab the attention of the customers

Try focusing more on potential customers with your ICO. It enhances the inspiration of the customers. Your ICO website page will stand out and allure more customers to land on your page.

Some important parts to be considered are – A perfect catchy and clear headline, outstanding visuals, and a complete pitch. The visuals should be in such a way that it should talk about your brand, eye-catching for the customers, and it should speak about your history in short.

The headline can be included on the top of the ICO website. It should be precise, brief, eye-catching, neat description of what you actually do.

After the headline, describe with complete pitch. Some advertising exchange platform will help you to do this. Try to keep it focussed on these tips to grab the attention of the customers for your ICO website.

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2. Describe the product

Once you set to grab the attention of the customers, you can describe your product or project. It is always better to provide a short overview of the project so that potential investors will understand it. It should explain the business, how your ICO tokens will benefit the investors? and the selling proposition of your business needs to be described.

Ensure that you follow a project plan to complete your project.
Always include the timeline and the product or project roadmap on the ICO website so that it clearly shows that the project is up and adheres to the timeline. It also depicts that it follows the roadmap to complete the project within the provided timeline successfully.

The overview of the project should be short and realistic so that the investors well understand that you organize and manage your project well. You can describe the important milestones of your project to make your description short and clear.

Since the investors expect a high return on investment on your ICO tokens, it is always better to describe more about your tokens.
For example, you can mention the price of your ICO tokens, how you develop the ICO tokens, what is the channel you may use to distribute the ICO tokens.

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All these factors will help the investors to evaluate the worth of the ICO tokens, and it provides a clear idea of high return on investment for them. These are the major factors where most of the ICO websites fail to describe in short.

3. Start trading the ICO tokens

Simply informing about your ICO tokens is not enough. Here you need to provide a better platform for the potential investor to start the trading of your ICO tokens. You need to impress them so that they feel comfortable to start the trading. Don’t hesitate to provide the complete pitch of your ICO project.

Potential investors should understand that your project is unique, and it offers more benefits to invest in your tokens. Ensure that you keep all the description short You can also provide information about the discount, any additional services provided, Membership packages, privileges, etc.

4. Offer Validation

It is a fact that several scams are targeting the crypto market. Though the latest blockchain technology powerfully backs it, hackers need only a pinhole to hack the complete system.

To allure more investors to your ICO website, you need to prove to them that you are legitimate, and you follow the validation for all the processes.

If you have any collaboration with other branded or well-established organizations. Grab the attention of your customers by showing your partnerships and make them connect with you. It enhances the credibility of your ICO’s.

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Show that you have a dedicated team with real people. You can also provide your team information by showing your staff feedback, rating, review about your project. It encourages a healthy relationship with investors.

The project details will help to prove to the investors that you are real. You can include details like short overview, screenshots, ICO project white paper link, any press release link, or news feed to have a trusted relationship with the investors.

5. Show immediate offers

As already discussed, you don’t want to inform about your ICO project, provide the instant offers to target the potential investors.
You can create a sense of importance or urgency to drive the offer.

It will make the investors opt for your tokens as it shows that there are only a few hours left to close the offer. Along with the urgency, you can explain the importance, benefits of opting for the proposal before the deadline.

For example, you can specify “2 days left for 50% bonus” and also provide the reason behind this offer.

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6. Usability of the ICO website

Usability is an important factor to be considered when you build ICO website. It ensures a good user experience.

See to it that the page loading time is less and it quickly loads the page of your ICO website. You can test your ICO website to see whether it quickly loads the page before the deployment phase of the website.

If it is taking too much time, analyze the issues, and fix the problems to enhance the usability of the website. You can add only the critical information instead of adding more and not getting loaded for the customers.

To drive more people to your website, provide links wherever necessary. It should look simple with more information via the link. Staff pictures should link to the feedback; Headlines should link to the articles; features should link to the respective pages. Test the website to enhance the usability of the ICO website.

You can also provide social media links to communicate with the community members.

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7. Enhance the readability of the website

The important aspect of the ICO website is the readability of the website. You need to focus on simple language, short sentences so that it is very easy for investors to read your page.

Avoid jargon so that it looks neat and clear to the investors. Include some words related to the crypto market so that it shows your knowledge and experience in the crypto industry. Avoid too many fancy fonts or tech terms so that it is well understood by casual investors easily.


I hope in this article, you will be able to find the ICO website development tips. With the above factors, you will be able to lure more potential customers to your ICO website.

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