Bitcoin success stories

Bitcoin Success Stories – Top Bitcoin Trading Success Stories

Have you ever wondered that how many bitcoin millionaires are there?

Bitcoin success stories are growing in number at a faster rate as bitcoin is one of the most affluent cryptocurrencies in the world today, along with other counterparts like Ethereum, Ripple, etc. But Bitcoin is far ahead compared to its competitors. It has not yet reached its peak value because a lot of people are still not aware of the possibilities of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

According to the information collected from various sources, it is estimated that there is a cap of a maximum of 21 million bitcoins that can be produced. And this literally means that there lies a great scope of investing and thus earning in the future.

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But some great people have spotted this opportunity much earlier. And this blog is about these Bitcoin Millionaires stories. In its initial stages, Bitcoins cost far lesser than they do now. It was almost 2000-3000 % less! And hence the people who invested in Bitcoins in the beginning or at the time when Bitcoin was crashing badly have turned out to bitcoin millionaires today.

Top bitcoin success stories where you will get the bitcoin millionaires list and their journey helps you to get a better idea about different ways in which it is possible to succeed in cryptocurrency market, these may help beginners to reach success with simple steps.

Biggest Bitcoin Success Stories – Best Cryptocurrency Success Stories

Most people who are engaged in the cryptocurrency market desire of becoming millionaires and living a lifestyle of luxury. Here we will list down top cryptocurrency success stories & bitcoin trading success stories of such millionaires. The Bitcoin millionaire stories you didn’t know about

Let’s read about those people who have amassed huge fortunes through Bitcoin.

1. Mr. Smith – The Wanderlust


Mr. Smith is a mysterious millionaire and chose to stay incognito when he gave an interview to the Prestigious Forbes magazine. He became a millionaire from the cash made from Bitcoin. He is now traveling around the globe with the money made from Bitcoins! Sounds interesting, right?

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Mr. Smith graduated from the college in the year 2008 and was working as a Software Engineer in the Silicon Valley. He came to know about the Bitcoin from one of his colleagues when the value of Bitcoin rose tenfold over a course of five days. After researching for a few months, he decided to invest $3000 into Bitcoin.

And he actually forgot about his investment till the year 2013, that’s when BTC price started to rise. He sold some of his Bitcoin collections and then decided to quit his job to travel around the world. And that’s what he does now!

2. Erik Finman – High School Dropout

A 15-year-old boy named Erik Finman got motivated to try his hand at investment in the year 2012. On an Easter day, his grandmother gifted him a thousand dollars! Erik decided to buy Bitcoins for all the money he had received. He bought Bitcoins for all the money he had received. A year later, Eric Finman net worth was $100,000 and he sold all his Bitcoins. And with this money, he decided to open his own business venture, called Botangle is a web venture which provides video tutoring services and pays all its employees in Bitcoins.

3. Jeremy Gardner – The Owner of ‘Crypto Castle’

jeremy_gardner net worth

Jeremy Gardner is also another person who made his fortune by investing in the cryptocurrency during its initial stages. He began to do much research about the cryptocurrencies and in 2014 he was convinced that Bitcoin was there to stay and thrive in the future!

In exchange for cash, Gardner’s friends granted him few bitcoins and Gardner began feeling overwhelmed about how he could work with this cryptocurrency with nothing more than an internet connection. He also loved the fact that there was no centralized regulatory body for Bitcoin.

He thus invested a few thousand dollars and within a few spans of time, his net worth just got doubled. And at the age of 25, Gardner became a self-made millionaire. He literally began from zero. He went off to a rough start in life, dropping out twice from the college. But the Bitcoins which he bought during the beginning stages helped him to make his fortune!

He is the co-founder of the Crypto Castle, a three-story residence in San Francisco where the Cryptocurrency entrepreneurs will stay and cooperate. Many startup firms like Augur and were built in this house!

4. Carlson Wee – The First Employee at Coinbase


Carlson Wee became a believer in Cryptocurrency once he learned about its existence. He sent his resume to Coinbase wallet and was selected as its first employee in the year 2013.

During that time, not many people even knew about the existence of Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. But still Carlson Wee was among those minority who had invested their money in the Bitcoin.

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Moreover, Wee also managed to get his employer to agree to pay his salary in bitcoins rather than fiat money! His assets are now worth more than 200 million US Dollars.

5. Charlie Shrem – The Founder of BitInstant


Charlie Shrem was one of the early advocates of Bitcoins since its arrival. And he has successfully earned millions from the Bitcoin fortune. He was a senior at Brooklyn College in the year 2001 and was a computer geek interested in the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. He bought his first 50 Bitcoins at $3 each! And when it reached up to $20 he bought thousands more.

He is the founder of the Bitcoin exchange – BitInstant. His newly founded firm became the favorite choice of investors to convert USD to BTC. Today, Shrem’s estimated worth is about 45 million US Dollars!

Some Common Faqs

  • How to setup cryptocurrency using blockchain technology?
  • You can setup your cryptocurrency using blockchain technology if you are a techie or you can approach high end cryptocurrency development services in the industry.

  • Is it possible to secure a bitcoin wallet app?
  • Yes, you can. There are certain tips to secure bitcoin wallet app like maintaining multi signature, having regular backups etc.

  • How can you get bitcoins?
  • You can get bitcoins through mining, or offer goods and services in exchange for bitcoins or make a purchase through bitcoin exchange.

  • How hard is it to make bitcoin payments?
  • It is much easier to make bitcoin payments. Infact it is easier than making payments through credit card or debit card.

    Summing Up

    Hope all the folks out there got some inspiration from these biggest bitcoin success stories! With the advancement of digital technologies, anyone can become rich by investing in the right coin at the right time. Do thorough research on cryptocurrency success stories and make the right investment move to reap the best!

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