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What is bitcoin mining pool?

For those who are new to cryptocurrency, mining pools are groups of miners who pool their resources together in order to generate blocks more quickly. Miners then receive more regular rewards than they would mining solo, as rewards are shared among members. The origin of Bitcoin mining pool can be attributed to the increasing difficulty in mining to generate a block. How much of the block reward miners receive depends on how much their hashing power has contributed to solving a block.

bitcoin mining pool

Factors to consider while choosing a mining pool

Bigger pools

Bigger pools offer more regular payments. Smaller pools only offer less frequent payments but larger payouts. Hence while choosing, the return should even out in the long term.

Reward types

It includes different methods like Pay-per-Share, Proportional, Scores based and Pay Per Last N Shares and so on.


Some bitcoin mining pool charge fees, and some don’t. Fees can range from as little as 0% to any amount.

Country of Origin

While you can join a pool located anywhere around the world, joining one closer to where you can attain a better quality experience and higher earnings.


Bitcoin in a way that slows down transactions on the blockchain or refusing to switch to a more advanced version of Bitcoin that could be more secure and cheaper for users.

Here we offer the reliability of the mining pool, security of the pool and easy it is to withdraw funds. By exploring these areas, you can better decide if you can make a profit from our Bitcoin pool mining service. Bitcoin mining is the process in which transactions are confirmed on the Bitcoin blockchain and those that take part in mining are referred to as Bitcoin miners. Bitcoin miners use dedicated software on their computers to process transactions. Occasionally the Bitcoin blockchain will release new Bitcoin during the mining process and this is divided up amongst the members of the Bitcoin mining pool that unlocked it.