Blockchain Application Development

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The concept of blockchain came into being in 2008 and the world was blown off by it. It was a uniquely ingenious invention that was originally devised for digital currency by Satoshi Nakamoto but later on taking over everything from a loyalty programme to notary.Blockchain application development is one of the greatest.

In simple words, a block chain is a digital ledger that can programmed to record anything of value. Data is stored in a blockchain as a shared and continuously reconciled database.

Since there is no decentralised database, it would be difficult to hack and corrupt the data.
The data is hosted by millions of computers simultaneously and is accessible to anyone on the internet.Hence, is fully public and easily verifiable.

Why is the blockchain so popular?

The blockchain is durable and robust. The blockchain cannot be controlled by a single entity and therefore has no point of failure. Whatever failure has occurred is due to mismanagement from the part of humans.
The blockchain is highly transparent and incorruptible. The blockchain lives in a state of self accord and automatically checks itself every ten minutes. The network conforms every transaction that occurs in the ten minute interval.
The data in a blockchain network is not centrally held and hence, the risks associated with centralisation of data is eliminated. There are absolutely no points of vulnerability that hackers can exploit.
Instead of using the conventional username and password system to protect the identity of the user, the blockchain technology uses encryption to secure the data.

Areas of Application

◎ Blockchain can be used as a system of record.

◎ It can establish a strong system of digital identity.

◎ Supply chain management, intellectual property and anti counterfeiting and fraud detection are greatly benefitted from digital tokens.

◎ Blockchain helps in inter organisational data management.

◎ The technology is helpful for financial institutions in audit trails.

◎ Blockchain helps in developing Smart contracts.

◎ It streamlines clearing and settlements of transaction.

◎ Blockchain helps in automating regulatory compliance.

◎ It is useful for automated governance.

◎ With blockchain technology, anyone can hold and pay without intermediaries.

◎ Blockchain has revamped payment infrastructure. Now, people can send money around the world and the merchants can accept digital currency payments.

Where is blockchain employed?

Payments and money transfers

We can transfer funds directly and securely to anyone in the world almost instantly and at ultralow fees with the help of blockchain technology. Since there are no intermediaries, no processing fees requires to be paid.


Blockchain provided convenient and inexpensive notary services.

Digital identity

Security is a top concern for all businesses, irrespective of the size. Blockchain helps in tracking and managing digital identities in a secure and efficient manner ensuring seamless sign-in options and no fraud.

Smart Contract

A smart Contract is a virtual contract that is encoded in Blockchain. Parties involved are anonymous in this system and the contract between them is written as code into blockchain. The smart contract keeps track of each and every term of the agreement and enables every step towards its fulfillment. The contact cannot be altered at any cost by either of the parties. Once the terms are fulfilled, then the pre-agreed payment is done as per the contract.

Distributed Cloud Storage

Blockchain assures affordable,fast and secure storage.

Gifts and loyalty programmes

Blockchain enables more security in gifts and loyalty programme at very cheap rates.

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