Crypto Payment Processor Development

White Label Cryptocurrency Payment Processor Development

Hope you all know about the famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which has the ability to handle the payment processor efficiently. This digital currency transferred at a very fast pace through internet technologies. As we all know it follows blockchain technology for its operation. The data is sent in the form of blocks with no central authority. Bitcoin is open-source and there are many bitcoin payment processors in the crypto industry to overcome the traditional way of transferring money.

What is a crypto payment processor?

A cryptocurrency payment processor is a piece of software that processes cryptocurrency payments from the buyer to the seller. To successfully conduct crypto payments, the seller should set up a merchant crypto payment gateway through which he can share the code or link with the buyer to generate payments via the payment processor. A crypto payment processor facilitates the efficient transfer of cryptocurrency payments from one location to another. If the merchant uses your payment processor, there is no need to log into a cryptocurrency trading platform and transfer funds.

White Label Bitcoin Payment Processor

The bitcoin payment processors are open source, so it is a white label product. There are many vendors who create their own product or bitcoin payment software and the same can be used by their clients with their own brand name.

You can also save these bitcoins in your online wallet so there is no need for an intermediary between the sender and receiver and the transaction is very fast.

Cryptosoftwares for White Label Bitcoin Payment Processor Development service in the industry

The development of a white label bitcoin payment processor is vivacious. In this article, will see the white label bitcoin payment processor development by looking into the advantages of the white label bitcoin payment processor.

The main benefits of the white label bitcoin payment processor

1. Global access to provide payment solutions

  • Using the payment processors, you will be able to do payments from any part of the world. It is globalized to send and receive the transactions at a very fast pace and it can be used at any time.

  • It offers payment solutions by accepting the payments on any device.

  • The payment processor can be customized to handle all the payment types like a credit card, debit card, etc.

  • It is easy for the merchants to handle with bitcoin payment processors.

2. Fraud Protection

  • Bitcoin payment processors are highly secured from fraudulent activities.

  • The network is very strong as it is following the blockchain technology.

  • It is difficult for hackers to interpret data or transaction.

  • The fraudulent activities like chargeback or imposing unwanted charges can be avoided.

  • Bitcoin payment processors are highly secure, the transactions are non-reversible, it means fraudulent activities are not feasible.

3. Cost efficient

  • As I already discussed there is no need for an intermediary in this transaction, the payments through bitcoin payment processors will be faster when compared to other modes of transaction.

  • As it is an open and free source, the vendors or the merchants can use the payment processors for free of cost.

4. Easily integrated into the online store

  • At present many e-commerce platforms are integrated with bitcoin payments.

  • Using this white label bitcoin payment processor, it is easy to integrate into the online store using different application programming interface and it ensures the benefits of making use of the bitcoin currency.

  • These API’s will enable to easily process the invoices of your payments and exchanging the bitcoins to any required currency can be done at low cost

5. Fast Payments

  • The payments are carried out at a fast pace using the bitcoin payment processors. As we have seen there is no intermediary required for any transaction, the international payments are carried out at a faster rate when compared to other transaction modes.

  • If the transactions have to be confirmed by the blockchain, then it may take some time.

  • Since it is highly secured, merchants usually accept the transaction and the transactions are instantaneous.

  • With a bitcoin payment processor, it is easy to transfer without any limits and delay in the transactions.

6. Point of sale transaction

  • In many online stores, the bitcoin payment processor can be used along with different currencies.

  • The merchants will use a separate system, where the software is installed to convert the currency and it enables to find the exchange rate.

  • This point of sale transaction will be helpful to support multi-currency required for the business.

7. Easy to set up a merchant account

  • With bitcoin payment processor it is easy to set up a merchant account to improve the overall business.

  • It is easy to manage their account with this payment processor.

  • The bitcoin wallet applications can also be used along with this payment processor.

  • This makes the merchants make use of their accounts more effectively.

8. Solution for Micropayments

  • The bitcoin is a free resource and there is only minimal or zero processing fees so it is easy to transfer the micropayments with few dollars.

  • This will help to overcome all the financial limitations

Cryptocurrency payment integrations

Cryptocurrency payment gateways enable businesses to receive cryptocurrencies from customers as payment. These can receive amounts from any nation and emphasize safety because of the inherent properties of cryptocurrencies.

When a consumer buys something using cryptocurrency payment, the transaction usually passes through the payment gateway at a set exchange rate and automatically switches to conventionally recognized currency so the retailer can bypass the volatility of the cryptocurrency values. However, certain cryptocurrency payment gateways do not automatically shift the

cryptocurrency to traditional currency, allowing the retailer to hold the crypto coins as long as they fancy, normally in a crypto wallet.

Cryptocurrency payment gateways are often cheaper than conventional credit card payment methods. Certain tools can be extremely customizable and implement native dashboards to better track transactions.

Bitcoin payment gateway

Bitcoin is the commonly preferred cryptocurrency used for transactions in cryptocurrency payment gateways. Few gateways implement payments with other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash, etc… Bitcoin payment gateways can be used in tandem with e-commerce, shopping cart software, billing and accounting solutions, and more. Since Bitcoin’s value is considered to be extremely volatile, it is usually advisable to convert the money into traditional currency as soon as possible.


Hope in this article, you will be able to find the white label bitcoin payment processor development by analyzing all the benefits of bitcoin payment processor. We can conclude that the development is vast and more beneficial to all the online business needs to transfer the bitcoins at a fast pace with high security and low processing fee.

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