trusted hyip investment sites

Best trusted HYIP Investment Sites

When you say anything about Cryptocurrency, the first digital currency which crosses our mind is Bitcoin. The current market price of Bitcoin is high and we can hope that it will add more value in the future, so it is a brilliant idea for entrepreneurs to invest in Bitcoins. You will find the most trusted HYIP Investment sites in the following list.

Now you will be thinking about where to invest and what type of investments in Bitcoins will yield you more outcome or benefits. Yes, I will tell you about Bitcoin HYIP, which will definitely give you an idea about the Bitcoin trusted HYIP Investment.

What is Bitcoin HYIP?

High-Yield Investment Program in short what we call HYIP, They’ve been around for a long period of time, and there’s nothing new to bitcoin or cryptocurrency.Bitcoin HYIP may yield you a high return on investment with very less amount for investment.

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These good HYIPs will stay profitable by bonds, stocks, and other tradings. The income rate varies daily from 0.5 percent to 0.6 percent and it totally depends on High Yield Investment Company.

Can you stay profitable with this Bitcoin HYIP?

Yes, of course, you can make enough money with this Bitcoin HYIP. Only thing is you have to be very careful with HYIP sites. You should research on which HYIP sites are good for investment. Initially, it may look good but in a later stage, it should not become a scam and take away all your investment. So you need to know the best Bitcoin HYIP Investment Company.

Where to find trusted and best HYIP investment sites ?

In this article, you will find the most trusted hyip investment sites.There are no scams, no misleading offers. Only the finest hyip websites and services to enhance your investments.

List of Top Bitcoin HYIP Investment Sites

1. Roiforex

  • ROIForex is formed by combining the global super traders. The name FOREX means Foreign exchange.
  • Their main theme is to solve the investment loss in the market of foreign exchange. ROIForex also offers its investors with high returns on bitcoin investment.
  • They make you stay profitable with their good HYIP.
  • They offer you a 100% guarantee that you don’t lose on your investment.
  • In ROIForex HYIP, the investors are divided into different parts of profits and they earn profit on a daily basis.
  • The funds and ND (Non-Disclosure) of ROIForex are handled by Cayman Island Account and thus ROIForex is legit.

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    The investment includes 4 packages and the packages are as follows:

  • Profit is 115%, Duration is for one month with an investment of a minimum $10
  • Profit is 155%, Duration is for three months with an investment of a minimum $30
  • Profit is 225%, Duration is for six months with an investment of a minimum $60
  • Profit is 475%, Duration is for twelve months with an investment of a minimum $120
  • The maximum profit you can earn is up to 475%. It also offers around 5 affiliate programs for the affiliates. There is a commission structure for the investment deposits of the referrals.

    5 affiliate programs commission percentages are 7%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 1% respectively. With ROIForex you can earn your high returns with full safety.

    2. Tokenizer

  • Using digital tokens like Bitcoins, Tokenizer is one of the best HYIP investment sites for investors.
  • It assists investors to earn more profit using these tokens of cryptocurrency. Investors will get into the bright side of the crowdfunding using this HYIP investment platform.
  • When there are many scams related to HYIP investment websites or platforms, Tokenizer proved itself that it is the best in the market for this Bitcoin HYIP investment using the digital tokens of Blockchain.
  • The investors need to be very careful in selecting the HYIP investments because later on, it should not completely turn into a scam but in case of Tokenizer HYIP, it is paying high returns for its investors with very less amount of investment.

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    Let us just look into the plan of a high return on investment.

  • When you invest here on Tokenizer platform, they offer you a profit of 5%, 7% on a daily basis. They are monitored by all the external sites and most of the places you can find that there paying to their investors.
  • The maximum they pay you back with the principle is 150% and you will be able to re-invest in the ongoing investment plan.
  • They don’t go behind false promises like a very high return on investments, where it is followed by many other HYIP sites.
  • The daily withdrawal of the profit is processed and it may take some 7 to 8 hours for processing the withdrawal.
  • You can earn a high return using this Bitcoin HYIP Investment site.

  • 3. XCH Money

  • XCH Money is also considered as one of the most trusted bitcoin HYIP sites for the high return on investment.
  • Only with very less amount of investment you can earn a high return using this Bitcoin HYIP investment platforms.
  • Many investors had shared their good review regarding XCH Money HYIP investment website when you search for the best bitcoin HYIP site.
  • Among the investors, XCH Money platform is very popular and considered to be a trusted HYIP Investment website where you can safely invest your Bitcoins.
  • We will look into the offers they provide. They have very good traders, trustworthy brokers, Immediate withdrawals, etc.

  • They are highly protected using SSL, DDOS security protocols

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    The plans of XCH Money are as follows

  • Return is 118%, Duration is for one month with an investment of a minimum $100. Total profit is 18%
  • Return is 160%, Duration is for three months with an investment of a minimum $500. Total profit 60%
  • Return is 225%, Duration is for six months with an investment of a minimum $800. Total profit is 125%v
  • Return is 500%, Duration is for twelve months with an investment of a minimum $1000. Total profit is 400%

  • 4. HotMoneyDog

  • Since there are many scams around us, we need to search for the trusted and the best bitcoin HYIP investment company.
  • One of the search results will be HotMoneyDog Platform.
  • This platform looks very transparent in sharing about their trusted HYIP investment plan and seems to be a good HYIP investment sites.
  • Affiliate commission for the investors is around 10% and they follow this affiliate program to give an opportunity for their investors to earn a good profit.
  • It is a highly protected site by using the SSL security protocols so you can safely invest in this platform for your high return on investment.
  • The major highlight in this HYIP platform is their 1900% return with their automatic system to pay out the profit. You need not wait for any long time to get back to your profit.

  • 5. Bitco Invest

    Bitco Invest is also the best bitcoin HYIP Investment website. they have two different programs or plans to start the investment with them. We will look into the two programs. >/p>

    1. The first program needs some $, to begin with, the investment plans The three different plans under this program are as follows:

  • Plan duration: 10 days, Min investment: 0.02 BTC, Profit earned: 30%
  • Plan duration: 30 days, Min investment: 0.03 BTC, Profit earned: 100%
  • You can also invest in Ethereum through this platform to get a high return on investment
  • Plan duration: 3 days, Min investment: 0.01 ETC, Profit earned: 10%
  • They offer your investment back to you, they don’t retain your initial investment.

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    2. The second program is a referral program and no need of any $, to begin with, this program.

  • Here in this program, if the investors use your referral link to invest in this platform, then you will earn 50% of their investment to your Bitcoin address.
  • This is an affiliate program followed in this platform to earn a high return with zero investment. The payment is made to you instantly without any delay.
  • You can share your referral link anywhere in the social media to earn this commission.

  • 6. Kirkland felt

  • Kirkland Felt is also a very good platform to get a high return on investment. This is also one among the reliable and trusted HYIP investment sites.
  • They also follow the affiliate program. You can earn a commission if you refer your friends or family members to invest in Kirkland Felt. You can earn 7 percent to 3 percent on their investment.
  • It is free of cost to open the account in Kirkland Felt platform. You can earn a high return with less amount of $10.
  • It is very transparent, you can view the payment proof in their telegram channels. It shows that they are legitimate to invest safely with this Bitcoin HYIP platform.
  • They already have 4k members joined in their investment program

  • Best Bitcoin HYIP Investment Company

    Some Common FAQs

  • Which are the best websites to trade cryptocurrencies?
  • The top cryptocurrency trading websites are Binance, KuCoin,, Coinbase, Bitfinex etc. There are multiple cryptocurrency trading platforms coming up and choosing the best among them is very important.

  • How to build your own cryptocurrency exchange software?
  • You can build your own cryptocurrency exchange software by following some systematic steps. There are 3 methods to develop a crypto exchange, which are white label solutions, open source solutions & custom software development.

  • What is cryptocurrency liquidity?
  • The ability of the cryptocurrencies to be converted into fiat currencies or physical money is known as cryptocurrency liquidity.

  • What is the use of bitcoin investment script software?
  • Bitcoin investment script software helps the users to invest their digital assets easily in your bitcoin investment platform.

  • Why Should you invest in bitcoin MLM company?
  • You can invest in bitcoin MLM companies after a thorough research on the reviews of the company as there are both legit and scams out there.


    Generally, when you hear HYIP, you may think it is a scam but it need not be always a scam. In this article, you will be able to find the best Bitcoin HYIP Investment company or platforms where you can safely invest in your Bitcoins.

    You can also start your own bitcoin HYIP investment website to run your own business with cryptocurrencies. You can create good HYIP investment site with the help of HYIP script development service.

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