What is Azure Blockchain Service – Ultimate Guide

As we all know that the world is changing digitally with the evolution of the latest blockchain technology, the organizations are competing with each other to build their own blockchain to enhance their business growth. It is undeniable that all organizations will not be able to afford infrastructure for their own blockchain and it opened up the way for Blockchain as a service. Azure Blockchain service is one such to be explored.

In this article, you will be able to find the complete guide on Azure blockchain service.

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What is Azure Blockchain?

Azure blockchain is powered by the most powerful technology leader Microsoft technologies. They have built a strong foundation with cloud technology and the Azure cloud platform has added its way to prove the same.

The Azure platform offers complete solutions from developing to maintaining blockchain service. With the help of their predefined modular networks and development platform, the developers will be able to develop and analyze on the azure blockchain development.

The tools required for the development are available on this simplified development platform. The whole process of Microsoft Azure blockchain is validation and iteration. It is also a complete ledger service that offers the business to grow with the advanced blockchain networks. The organizations will be provided full access over the network of azure blockchain and the infrastructure provided to them.

True Blockchain is different from Blockchain As A Service (BaaS)

Hope you all know about blockchain technology. Yes! It is a decentralized technology having exclusive features like transparency, integrity, data security, etc.

Though there are different types of blockchain-like private, public, hybrid, etc. A true blockchain is always a decentralized technology but when the blockchain is used as a service it provides services to its clients. Here the decentralization approach is completely nullified.

A true blockchain will not have variations in the decentralization approach and so we can say that true blockchain is different from blockchain as a service.

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The same concept goes in hand with the Azure Blockchain as a service platform. They are entirely opposite to the decentralized approach used in the blockchain technology. Here it provides its blockchain services to its clients and acts as a centralized platform for developing, trading and marketing the blockchain network. The ecosystem which offers the blockchain service is centralized and focussed to provide the benefits to the organization or industries.

At the same time, it has the potential to provide the blockchain solutions with the centralized approach of its service to its clients and provide the complete benefits of blockchain technology.

Blockchain Networks Supported by the Azure Blockchain

It supports blockchain ledgers like Corda, Ethereum Quorum ledger, Hyperledger fabric. There is no need for the client to handle the ledger. The ledger support is free of cost and it comes with the blockchain service. The clients need to pay only for app development. The respective virtual machines, resources, infrastructure, and time will be provided to the clients.

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Support provided to open source tools:

The Azure blockchain network supports the open-source tools to develop the application. Once the development phase is completed, the clients can deploy the application over the Azure blockchain network.

The Features of the Azure Blockchain

Supports different blockchain frameworks

As we have already seen above, it supports different blockchain networks or frameworks. Azure blockchain is planning to add more frameworks in the future.

No need for administration

As it supports all the backend tools, open-source tools, there is no need for separate administration required.

Easy deployment

The deployment is simple by making use of available tools such as Azure portal, Azure CL. The MS Azure blockchain extension has been supported with the updated visual studio code and this makes it easy to develop the blockchain apps. It also provides the validator and transaction nodes. The Azure virtual network storage and security is well managed.


The nodes of blockchain are protected by firewall security. The clients need to configure the firewall to access them. Also, more security features like authentication, encryption techniques, access keys are added to the network. In the security aspect, Microsoft had certified when compared to other cloud platform providers and they have already invested around 1 billion USD annually for the security concerns.

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The nodes of the Azure blockchain network are maintained so that they support the latest version of blockchain and Azure blockchain as a service platform manages well to maintain the network.

Effective consortium management

With consortium management of Azure blockchain network, full access is provided to consortia. you will get the permission to add or delete members. Other features include codeless permissioning and policy enforcement.

Monitoring and logging

It provides complete monitoring and logging services. Here the information like nodes storage, memory, CPU, blocks mines, transaction queue depth all metrics are monitored by Azure monitor service.

Azure Blockchain WorkBench

This will allow managing the applications of Azure blockchain. It constitutes services and capabilities to build the blockchain applications.


It offers a two-tier pricing structure which is based on the performance and capabilities. The two tiers are scalable to scale up the blockchain applications.

  • Basic tier: 1 vCore, 5 GB storage, 1 transaction nodes, 1 validator nodes. No hybrid deployment support in the basic tier. The high metric is not available for the testing environment.
  • Standard tier: 2 vCore, 5 GB Storage, 1 transaction nodes, 2 validator nodes.
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    The pricing structure of both the tiers:

  • Basic: $0.075/hour for transaction node price and same for validator node price, $0.05/hour -blockchain storage GB price.
  • Standard: $0.318/hour for transaction node price and same for validator node price, $0.05/hour- blockchain storage GB price.

  • Solutions for Supply Chain Management

    Blockchain is one of the perfect solutions for the supply chain management. almost all industries or business sectors use supply chain management. The main goal is to move the asset throughout the network without modifying it during transit. Healthcare is one industry that focuses on supply chain management. The effective solution can be provided by making of blockchain and implementing certain rules to enhance the supply chain management.

    Blockchain Workflow Application

    Blockchain can improve the workflow of any organization. As already seen it helps the supply chain management of the organization. The developer can use the Azure blockchain service to manage its own blockchain network. The consortium application is developed once the blockchain is implemented.

    The information flow will follow the below architecture:

  • The data is sent to Azure Service Bus.
  • From service bus, it will be sent to DLT (Distributed ledger technology) and transaction builder will sign the transactions.
  • The transactions are forwarded to the Ethereum consortium network. It uses the logic app connector.
  • It is then confirmed by the DLT logic app and sent to either database or cold database.
  • The stored information is analyzed and visualized by the BI tool.
  • Now the data can be used for different business processes.

  • The above steps are used for the flow of information in the network of Azure blockchain.

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    Azure Marketplace

    The Azure is emerging with the innovative tools that can be merged with the Azure blockchain network. Below are the tools which optimize the blockchain service of the Azure network:

    App Accelerators

  • Azure Blockchain Workbench – To easily create blockchain applications
  • Vizix IOT blockchain – Used as an IoT development tool
  • Stratumn Indigo Node – A framework that can be used to build Proof of Process network.

  • Tools

  • Blockstack Core v14 – Decentralized internet
  • Parity Ethereum Dev – Used for fast Ethereum deployment
  • Truffle – Ethereum development environment, testing framework, and asset pipeline
  • Ethereum Studio – Ethereum Blockchain Environment with a complete development package
  • Rewards API – Rewards framework for Customer Loyalty Programs

  • Resources

    The resources of Azure blockchain will help you to find more details about it. Microsoft has created some of the resources to help you with it. Below are some of the important resources.

  • Azure Blockchain Service: You can get started with to learn more about how it works. The trainer will take you through the configuration, deployment process in the Azure blockchain infrastructure. It also helps you to know more about consortium management, API Integration, Azure Portal, etc.
  • Blockchain Development Kit- This kit will help the developers to understand and work with Azure blockchain. It can be utilized with developer templates and Azure Blockchain Workbench. Corda Tutorial: It gives you an idea to configure Corda blockchain with the Azure network.
  • Azure Samples: It helps you to find the demo.
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    Hope in this article, you will be able to find the complete guide on Azure blockchain service. The azure blockchain is highly capable to develop, produce and maintain a consortium It provides exclusive features that will help you to focus on the ecosystem to improve your overall business growth.

    The tools and resources of Microsoft Azure blockchain service will help you to understand the blockchain service better. The pricing structure includes both tiers and it is also well defined with the features of azure blockchain.

    Choose the best blockchain service to build your own blockchain for your business.

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