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Role of Blockchain in Cyber Security


Blockchain applications are being widely adopted by many businesses around the world and it is about time that we embrace it with open arms, considering the potential of the decentralization and the kind of impact it is going to have around the world. Blockchain technology allows enterprises around the world and individuals to agree on … [Continue reading]

The Opportunity for Blockchain based E-commerce platform


E-commerce industry has been booming at a rapid pace in recent years and the future of the industry looks very bright. Almost everyone shops online these days and the growth prospects are exemplary. In this blog, we shall see the opportunities for blockchain based e-commerce business in today’s world and how the advent of blockchain … [Continue reading]

Top Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Trends of 2019


In this blog, we shall discuss the top blockchain and cryptocurrency trends of 2019 we need to watch out for in 2019. Well, ever since the revolution of digital currencies and decentralized record system became a rage in the last decade, experts in the field couch for blockchain, DApps, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general as … [Continue reading]